This is the direct quote from President Donald Trump when asked if he took any responsibility for the slow rate of testing in the United States for COVID-19. This despite that it’s been apparent that the Trump Regime has intentionally dragged their feet in responding to the pandemic and that we are now two months behind where we should be.

And again, I really have to wonder about this…to protect the governance of the nation and all Americans, shouldn’t the president be tested? Just as a matter of public trust if nothing else? But then there’s this:

Yet Trump also said he himself had yet to be tested for the virus, despite exposure to people who have since tested positive for it. Pressed on whether he might be unwittingly transmitting the virus, he seemed to shift his answer.

“I didn’t say I wasn’t going to be tested.” Trump said.

No, no you didn’t, but that’s not an affirmative answer either.

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