Because nothing says “thoughts and prayers” like a politician holding a campaign fundraiser at a gun range a day after a mass shooting.

State Supreme Court Justice Daniel Kelly isn’t just defending his decision to hold a fundraiser at a Waukesha County gun range one day after the Molson Coors shooting in Milwaukee last week.

Kelly is doubling down.

On Tuesday, his campaign sent out a fundraising solicitation attacking those who criticized the justice, a conservative appointed by former Republican Gov. Scott Walker, over the timing of the gun range fundraiser.

The email, written by campaign manager Charles Nichols, explained that the fundraiser was hosted by the Wisconsin Firearms Training Center. Nichols wrote the Brookfield shooting range “dedicates itself to providing our fellow Wisconsinites with the tools and training necessary to protect themselves and their families.”

Wisconsinites deserve better in a State Supreme Court justice than someone so blindly partisan and out of touch that he’d double down with pro-gun rhetoric a day after a horrific mass shooting.

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2 Responses to Justice Dan Kelly fundraises at a gun range a day after Milwaukee mass shooting

  1. This shooting highlights the fact that in state with 5 million guns, the thugs in drug trade, allowed by the left are well armed. We need to protect ourselves so we must be armed. These nutty ideas of the wild eyed left do nothing except penalize good people.

    • Ed Heinzelman says:

      What the flock does the drug trade have to do with any of this? Oh wait, you are an opioid slinger…I almost forgot.

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