This is a real question. While the whole nation is still short of tests to perform on people who are actually sick or who have come into contact with those who are known to be positive for the coronavirus…some how, according to his own account, an asymptomatic Senator got tested. Isn’t that totally against the current protocol? And shouldn’t a doctor know that?

From his twitter account (I assume his staff wrote this or he’s gone all ego third person on us too):

and given that he’s tested positive, shouldn’t he have to test negative before returning to work? not just wait the quarantine period? Now that we know he has it, I guess he fits the profile to get tested again.

As the late John Lennon said: “Instant Karma’s going to get you…”

One Response to Sen. Rand Paul is Positive: But How Did He Get Tested?

  1. richard lesiak says:

    positive while the votes are going on. negative to helping us.

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