This little tidbit appeared on the MSN news site, redirected from the JSOnline site of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:

Wisconsin’s Republican Sen. Ron Johnson has raised concerns about a coronavirus relief bill that passed the House on Saturday, saying expanding paid sick leave would exacerbate financial hardships for small business by “forcing them to pay wages they cannot afford.”

Johnson said he’s worried not only about potential layoffs but also about “incentivizing people to not show up for work either.”

“People are going to have to work. People do need to recognize the fact that this is not Ebola. This is not MERS. It’s not quite the seasonal flu,” Johnson said. “But we have to keep things in perspective and we got to keep our economy.”

copied in its entirety since I can’t get a stable link to the article.

Incentivizing people to not show up for work? This is arcane last century thinking and really beyond the pale during a national emergency based on a health crisis. As we’ve seen in the period since the Great Recession, Americans want to work and have returned to work in droves during the past 10 years. Hasn’t he been paying attention to the president’s rally points on how great the economy is and how low unemployment is?

And this isn’t a ‘handout’. Circumstances plus all of the various levels of government are forcing businesses to close or cut back. At that point, the government owes the general population some form of financial support when their employers aren’t able. Hasn’t he heard President Trump disclaim on several occasions this past week that it isn’t the fault of the American people or American business or anybody’s fault?

And if he’d get behind this legislation and make improvements instead of kvetching about it in the press, he could limit the harm being done to the American economy. Do your job senator! Pay attention to the reality!

There seems to be no end to how Senator Johnson embarrasses Wisconsin.

One Response to Senator Ron Johnson sez: I Don’t Trust You!

  1. richard lesiak says:

    Am I wrong or did rojo say that he would only serve two terms when he was running. Time to retire?

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