And where would that be coming from? The right side of the aisle in the Wisconsin State Senate as Senators Steve Nass and Duey Stroebel lean in.

Two conservative lawmakers are warning of “civil disobedience” and “revolt” against restrictions imposed by Gov. Tony Evers’ administration to curb the spread of coronavirus — comments the governor suggested could damage the state’s effort to contain the virus.

and just in general:

Some Wisconsin Republicans have questioned whether Evers’ decision to close schools, bars, restaurants, and other businesses not considered to be providing essential services, was necessary given the number of cases of the virus in Wisconsin.

emphasis mine

I for one am glad that the governor may have erred on the side of caution…as we’ve watched COVID-19 ravage New York City and the State of Louisiana. But the flip side of the coin is always…the low number of cases in Wisconsin are the result of the governor’s actions. The projected numbers were much larger…but then we haven’t peaked yet.

Department of Health Services Secretary Andrea Palm said without the Evers administration’s order to stay at home, the agency projected cases of the virus to be 22,000 as of this week. As of Friday, there are 3,068 cases in the state.

Palm said the number of cases is directly related to the restrictions.

“Until we have a vaccine, or until we have medical intervention … we are going to have to very actively manage this outbreak and safer at home (order) is the current tool we are using,” Palm told reporters Friday.

Like I said…nothing wrong with erring on the side of caution here…given this warning from the White House:

U.S. Surgeon General Jerome Adams said Friday “most of the country” will not be able to reopen by May 1…

For now, let’s let the medicos and the governor play out their game plan. If we don’t meet the projections for our friends and neighbors who test positive for COVID-19 or those who die, this will be worth it.

And those elected officials who represent the more rural areas of the state shouldn’t be too smug…COVID-19 isn’t just for cities any more: Coronavirus Was Slow to Spread to Rural America. Not Anymore.

One Response to And The Second Guessing Has Already Begun!

  1. richard lesiak says:

    it is time to rip the gop out of our state. root and stem.

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