I am finding this campaign season less and less amusing as we go along. I am garnering a growing list of campaign contribution solicitation emails from out of state Democrats…I have taken to unsubscribing from them but I am assuming they sell my info to other Dems…because I get at least one new one for every one I get rid of.

I know that I have complained about supposed emails that claim to be polls and start out that way and end up begging for money. I have even gotten two or three where the email headline clearly states that they are not asking for money…but after the poll again…ask for money. Stop lying to me! You are not garnering my active support.

Now this past week, those emails are increasing but not they not only ask for money but won’t submit the poll unless you fill in your cell phone number. You ain’t getting my cell phone number…I don’t need to spend the rest of my life deleting text messages and ignoring phone calls that I don’t want or need.

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