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for taking their name in vain and the Episcopal Church should sue him for criminal trespass. And all of us need to hold him accountable for violating the separation of church and state…this was clearly a photo op and not a moment of personal devotion or worship.

This just moments after he threatened the lives of Americans by suggeting that he’d use our own civilian military against us. And he used a Bible to do it…and not even his own Bible (as if he actually has one).

Bishop says she found out Trump visited historic DC church by watching it on TV.

The Right Rev. Mariann Budde, bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Washington, D.C., said on Monday that she only learned of President Trump‘s visit to the historic St. John’s Episcopal Church by watching it on the news. 

“I don’t want President Trump speaking for St. John’s,” Budde told The Washington Post after Trump’s visit. “I am outraged.”

“I am the bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Washington and was not given even a courtesy call that they would be clearing with tear gas so they could use one of our churches as a prop, holding a Bible, one that declares that God is love and when everything he has said and done is to enflame violence.”

Budde said the church does not associate itself with Trump’s messages or his response to the killing of Floyd, an unarmed black man who died after being held in police custody by an officer who pressed a knee into Floyd’s neck.

“We hold the teachings of our sacred texts to be so so grounding to our lives and everything we do and it is about love of neighbor and sacrificial love and justice,” she told the Post.

So, a message to America’s religious…to President Donald Trump…the sacred isn’t actually sacred. He’s not your guy!

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  1. Michael Neville says:

    Trump was shown holding a book he’s never read and standing outside a closed church he’s never been inside is just another case of him playing to his core constituency, Evangelical Christians.

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