After having a number of Secret Service Agents testing positive for COVID-19 before and after the president’s Tulsa rally, now we have this:

Secret Service agents in Arizona on Monday tested positive for COVID-19 or showed signs of illness while preparing for a trip involving Vice President Mike Pence, leading to the government postponing the trip originally planned for Tuesday to Wednesday, a government official familiar with the matter tells ABC News.

The delay was needed for the Secret Service to bring in a new team of healthy agents in to Phoenix to complete the trip, according to the official.

WTF? We task these agents with one of the toughest tasks in American law enforcement, protecting the lives of the president and the vice-president, and we can’t even do anything to protect them?

And given the trend in Arizona, as positive cases continue to rise, why are we even sending the vice-president there? He’s not a doctor. He can’t do anything. It’s just like the president’s photo op with the Bible in Washington…all brag and no do. But the vp said:

“The rising cases in Arizona is why I’m here.”

And then he headed out to Florida…nicer beaches there.

2 Responses to Cripes, At This Rate We Are Going To Run Out Of Secret Service Agents.

  1. nonquixote says:

    Predictably Pence was there to offer his “thoughts and prayers,” to the victims of the pandemic that the federal government, with the blessings of Pelosi and Schummer, otherwise refuse to address in any meaningful manner the clear medical or economic failures of a capitalist system to willingly deal with the problems exacerbated by the pandemic, by neither instituting an unconditional basic income nor universal health care to all residents of the US, as most civilized countries around the world are doing.

    US House Dem leaders joining Trump and McConnell to bail out the billionaires, and then force desperate now jobless (through no fault of their own) regular citizens to fend for our own mortal and economic survival and that of our families.

    Now with Sen Baldwin pimping even more class division among while ignoring segments of all the real victims of this pandemic, through relief legislation designating those of us who might be deemed “Heroes” and deserving of some economic help, can we imagine a more f**#ed up nation than the one we live in and those in leadership positions supposedly solving the enormity of this problem before us all?

  2. Mark E. Bye says:

    Gee… That’d be a shame.

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