from our email this afternoon:

I’ll be the first to admit, today feels different than it did last year. Because in so many ways, it is different. As you and your loved ones celebrate today, I hope you’ll let me share a few quick thoughts on what I’ve been reflecting on ahead of this Independence Day:

Almost 250 years ago, our democracy was born in revolution by little more than words on parchment and the courage of those who dared to write them.

Their declaration was heard around the world. But while it promised that all men were created equal, it only marked the beginning of the struggle for equality.

America won freedom, but Black lives did not.

America won independence, but women did not.

America celebrated liberty, but LGBTQ+ Americans did not.

The next two and a half centuries would see generations of brave Americans force this nation to confront its founding sins and live up to its founding values.

Enslaved people would demand freedom, women would demand suffrage, LGBTQ+ Americans would demand equality, immigrants would demand opportunity, workers would demand fairness, people with disabilities would demand dignity, people of all faiths would demand liberty, Black Americans would demand that our country recognize the worth and matter of their lives — and those in uniform would defend America and our values around the world.

We have come a long way since our founders met in Philadelphia to start this grand experiment. But make no mistake: We still have a long way to go — and folks just like you will be integral to moving our country forward.

In spite of the progress we’ve won together, the current president is hell-bent on dragging America backward. Donald Trump’s entire administration is premised on a longing for an unjust and unequal past. And his failure of leadership through this crisis has cost people their jobs, their savings, and even their lives. Our economy has plunged into a recession and our allies have lost faith in American leadership. And the American people are hungry for change.

I am asking you to keep fighting for that change. I am asking you to stand with Democrats in our fight to create a more perfect union.

The best way to celebrate our nation’s founding is to continue the fight to expand its promise of justice, equality, and opportunity for all. America’s greatness does not come from our past but from our constant pursuit of a better future. And in November, voters will carry on that pursuit by electing Joe Biden as the next president of the United States.

In unity,

Tom Perez

Chair Democratic National Committee

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