Meanwhile the state of Wisconsin continues to set daily records for new coronavirus cases. And Chicago is on the verge of banning people from Wisconsin from visiting their city.

Governor Tony Evers has become a liability rather than a protector of the health and well being of residents of Wisconsin. At this point, I have little faith in his ability to govern. Yes, the nattering nabobs in the GOP seats of power continue to be thorns in his side…but at some point he has to find the cojones to just do what is right and let the chips fall where they may.

There is no way we are going to make progress without a unified mandate out of Madison.

But meanwhile, under the Dome:

Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers said he is still evaluating a potential statewide mask mandate but did not to discuss specifics.

Evers on Thursday said members of his administration are looking at the idea but also said residents of Wisconsin can “do their part right now” in preventing the spread of Covid-19. He commended the local and national businesses that are requiring customers to wear masks, as well as employers allowing staff to work from home.

Wisconsin residents can “do their part right now”? It isn’t working governor…as you can see:

The state recorded another 1,052 positive tests for the new coronavirus since Wednesday, according to the Wisconsin Department of Health Services, bringing the total since the pandemic began to 45,899. DHS further reported 48 more people were hospitalized with the virus and 13 more people have died since Wednesday.

And the last word from the good governor?

Evers did not say what factors he is weighing in whether the state will issue its own order, saying only that his office takes the issue seriously and is monitoring the status of the pandemic. He also did not comment on when he expects to make a decision.

Regardless of his office’s decision, Evers encouraged state residents to wear face coverings.

“There’s nothing to prevent you from doing it,” he said.

C’mon governor…just mandate masks…I mean face coverings…already.

“There’s nothing to prevent you from doing it,” I said.

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