Apparently, even though a primary, the shortage of poll workers for next Tuesday is a major concern. So Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers is calling of the Wisconsin National Guard to help at the polls.

The Democratic governor made the announcement a day after election officials pleaded with the public to sign up to work at the polls. Many long-time poll workers have declined to serve this election cycle because of the coronavirus pandemic. 

“Time and time again the Guard has stepped up to help their neighbors, friends and communities, as they will be doing on election day by helping to ensure that every Wisconsinite can vote safely without fear for their health,” Evers said in a statement.

Guard members will report for duty Sunday for initial training and will start assisting clerks on Monday. Like other poll workers, Guard members must live in the county where they serve at the polls. They will perform their duties in civilian clothes.

So once again, if any of you have the inclination to serve your communities, either now or in November, it’s time to step up!

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