I am going to have to write the rest of my story…but I don’t have the energy tonight. But to put this in the contemporary vernacular…the FPC is a dumpster fire. Milwaukee Police Chief Alfonso Morales is demoted to captain by the Fire and Police Commission

Milwaukee Police Chief Alfonso Morales was demoted to captain Thursday evening, less than a year after he was appointed to a four-year term by the city’s Fire and Police Commission.

He has not ruled out suing the city to get his job back, his attorney said earlier Thursday.

The vote was unanimous.

“His conduct is unbecoming, filled with ethical lapses and flawed decisions,” Commissioner Raymond Robakowski said. “Mr. Morales has failed the men and women of the Milwaukee Police Department, the people of the city of Milwaukee and he has misled me and none of this is acceptable.”

Assistant Chief Michael Brunson Sr. was named acting chief by unanimous vote of the commission, following the department’s chair-of-command (sic). He was a finalist for the chief job with Morales in 2018.

The Common Councel needs to revisit the entire FPC organization, not just demand the mayor nominate new leadership. More tomorrow.

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