As Ed noted a few days ago Democratic Gov. Tony Evers sent a letter to Assembly Speaker Robin Vos and State Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald – both Republicans – inviting each of them to meet to discuss the state’s response to COVID-19. In his letter Gov. Evers noted it has been 180 days since the Republican-controlled Legislature last passed a bill.

Think about that – it has been 6 months since Republicans in the Legislature did their jobs. I don’t know about you, but if Wisconsin’s Republicans feel they can take 6 months off from the jobs they’re being paid to do by Wisconsin’s taxpayers then perhaps it’s time to explore the possibility of of Wisconsin’s legislators being treated as part-time employees, including cuts to their pay and benefits.

3 Responses to When will Wisconsin’s Republican legislators start doing their jobs?

  1. Ed Heinzelman says:

    1: Comprehensive Universal Single Payer Health Insurance

    2: Campaign Finance Reform

    3: Federal Living Minimum Wage

    4: Nationwide Family and Medical Leave Programs

    5: Sensible Gun Regulation

    6: Eliminate the Electoral College

    7: Part Time Wisconsin State Legislature

    8: Term Limits on Elective Offices

  2. nonquixote says:

    With you on this Ed,

    GOP past refusal to accept Federal Medicaid expansion money under Walker, exasperated accessible health care for lower income Wisconsinites, but this intelligent Canadian podcaster has a wider arguement for Universal Health Care as the Medical Industrial Complex is reported enriched by $150B during the pandemic:

    Those who are looking for a plan for economic recovery, suggestions for solutions to begin law enforcement reform and preparedness for future pandemic-level emergencies, spare 30 minutes (at least the first 5 minutes) with economist and author, Professor Richard Wolff here:

  3. richard lesiak says:

    Once the gop experiences the bloodbath waiting for them in Nov. then we shall go to work to get rid of these grifters.

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