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Randy Hopper arrested for drunk driving….yet again.

Why am I not surprised by this? Former Republican senator from Fond du Lac Randal Hopper spent Sunday night in jail following a report of a fight late Sunday at his ex-wife’s home.

Hopper, 46, of Fond du Lac, was cited for drunken driving and taken into custody on charges of disorderly conduct — domestic […]

Randy Hopper asserts conspiracy by the public employee union members, gets acquitted of drunk driving

After asserting in court that he was the victim of a conspiracy by the public employee union members upset over his support of Republican Gov. Scott Walker’s attack on public employees through Act 10, former Republican State Sen. (and adulterer) Randy Hopper was found not guilty by a jury Friday on a charge of drunk-driving.


Randy Hopper – Victim

It seems every time republicans get in trouble or run afoul from the law, they have a very good talent of then becoming the victim. The party of “personal responsibility” never is! Witness the latest example: Randy Hopper!

H/T Dan Bice:

Gov. Scott Walker’s collective bargaining bill has been blamed for a lot […]

The Randy Hopper OWI arrest dash cam video


Randy Hopper News….

While you have been able to get the latest news on Randy Hopper right here at this humble little blog, there are a couple of recommended reads elsewhere.

1. Courtesy of the Oshkosh Northwestern, saying that Randy Hopper’s campaign ad is so blatantly false that it amazes them.

Yet even if voters expect […]

Randy Hopper is a “ridiculous” liar

It seems Republican State Senator (and noted philanderer) Randy Hopper (pictured right with his mistress) isn’t above telling a lie now and then, especially if he thinks the lie will help him win an election. In a Hopper TV ad released July 15, 2011, Hopper’s opponent, Jessica King, comes under attack for supposedly voting to […]

Can someone tell me where Randy Hopper lives?!?

According to a recent announcement, Republican State Senator Randy Hopper, who faces a tough recall election against Democrat Jessica King, is holding a fundraiser this Thursday, June 23, at the “Home of State Senator Randy Hopper.” The announcement lists Hopper’s home address as N6429 Danny Lane in Fond du Lac, but according to property records […]

So will Randy Hopper use his family as props in his campaign ads?

I’m betting the answer is no, but here’s a video from the “About Randy” page on Hopper’s recall campaign website. Obviously that ad is from Sen. Hopper’s 2008 election campaign, but he probably should take it off his website, because I’m betting his soon to be ex-wife doesn’t want to be used as a prop […]

Randy Hopper Stakes out Moral High Ground

Senator Randy Hopper, who we last saw was living in Madison, has weighed in on the story of the UW-Oshkosh Professor who was charged with asking his students to think. In a story brought to our attention by our own notalib, UWO criminal justice professor Stephen Richards said the following to his students:

“I’m […]

Randy Hopper has a challenge…

Outgoing Republican State Senator Randy Hopper has been covered extensively here, and now he has a new challenge. He is not only faced with a recall election, and the weight of Scott Walker on his shoulders, but now he has a legitimate challenger in Oshkosh Deputy Mayor Jessica King, who will announce her candidacy tomorrow […]