About Blogging Blue

About Blogging Blue
Blogging Blue was founded in 2007 by Zachary Wisniewski as an outlet to share his thoughts on politics, current events, sports, and whatever else happened to be on his mind. From one lone contributor and very few regular readers, Blogging Blue has grown to include a gaggle of great contributors and a bunch of commenters from both sides of the political spectrum. Our political beliefs fall decidedly left of center, so if a liberal point of view isn’t your cup of coffee (or tea), then this isn’t the blog for you. We welcome a lively discussion, especially from our conservative readers, because the whole point of this blog is promote a healthy (and sometimes heated) discussion.

In 2011 and 2013 Blogging Blue was named as one of Wisconsin’s best state-based political blogs by the Washington Post‘s “The Fix” blog, making Blogging Blue one of only two Wisconsin blogs to be twice honored.

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