When Wisconsin Conservative Godfather (Sorry Charlie) refuses to Support Your Plan. YOU HAVE LOST!

“Sensenbrenner said he didn’t have an opinion on the governor’s proposed budget-repair and budget bills, rather he was focused on federal issues.

“We have a bigger budget problem in Washington, D.C., and I was elected to work on that,” he said.”


Walker- Turning Wisconsin Bluer….One vote at a Time!



Seventy percent “organic” and 100 percent starvation wages

Why is Wal-Mart blocking 35 cents an hour for Bangladeshi workers?

Call Wal-Mart today!

Over 3.5 million mostly young women garment workers are trying to climb out of misery. With a new minimum wage of just 35 cents an hour, the workers could live with a modicum of dignity. Ask Wal-Mart to stop lobbying […]

Tom Barrett…Not Afraid to Make a Decision !

You Got to Believe In Something !!!!

A little ray of Sunhine on a cloudy Day. Saw Jonathan Last night for the 1st time with My Guy Dave Koz!! Great Show at The Pabst!

Ahh Reince, about that promotion…

Oh what a difference a day can make, my pappy used to Say.

Yesterday Wiggy was quoting Hotline in Saying Mr. Priebus was among the inside choices to be the next RNC Chair once Michael Steele finally sucumbs to his lethal case of foot in mouth disease. Needless to say the GOP Bloggers in the […]

Stewart, Colbert and O’Brien= Must See TV !!

Conan’s Full Monologue – Radio City – NYC from Rachel Sklar on Vimeo.

Want To Start A Movement?

The Gop’s Worst Nightmare…Since Franken

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