When Wisconsin Conservative Godfather (Sorry Charlie) refuses to Support Your Plan. YOU HAVE LOST!

“Sensenbrenner said he didn’t have an opinion on the governor’s proposed budget-repair and budget bills, rather he was focused on federal issues.

“We have a bigger budget problem in Washington, D.C., and I was elected to work on that,” he said.”

Here’s The Entire article Link, So you can see there’s no “Context” Issues!

Time for Walker to Cut Bait, Call the Fitz Brothers and tell them they need to save face and start moving to the middle.
Cause If Jim Sensenbrenner ain’t with you…NO ONE IS!

Seventy percent “organic” and 100 percent starvation wages

Why is Wal-Mart blocking 35 cents an hour for Bangladeshi workers?

Call Wal-Mart today!

Over 3.5 million mostly young women garment workers are trying to climb out of misery. With a new minimum wage of just 35 cents an hour, the workers could live with a modicum of dignity. Ask Wal-Mart to stop lobbying against a new minimum wage of 35 cents an hour for Bangladesh’s garment workers. They should be ashamed!

here’s The Link To Make Your Voice heard!

Ahh Reince, about that promotion…

Oh what a difference a day can make, my pappy used to Say.

Yesterday Wiggy was quoting Hotline in Saying Mr. Priebus was among the inside choices to be the next RNC Chair once Michael Steele finally sucumbs to his lethal case of foot in mouth disease.
Needless to say the GOP Bloggers in the State were all hailing to the new born king.

Then Reince went into Action. It was, after all, a big day for him to shine!

He blasted Senator Feingold saying “What’s really troubling in all of this is the silence of Senator Russ Feingold,” said Republican Party of Wisconsin Chairman Reince Priebus. “Bucyrus’ CEO cited people like Scott Walker specifically for going after the government’s job killers, but Feingold is content to go in the wrong direction.”

According to Priebus, Feingold owes it to Wisconsin to get more involved in the real problems facing our state.”

Reince said that Feingold didn’t do anything to help keep the Bucyrus jobs in Wisconsin
Today his own foot landed flatly in Reince The Prince’s Mouth.


Sen. Russ Feingold accused the state GOP Thursday of “complete fabrication” for saying he was “silent” during the recent blow-up over potential job losses at Bucyrus International.
“I just think everybody ought to be aware they’re just fabricating things. It’s pretty egregious,” said Feingold, who raised the matter during a phone interview.
Bucyrus CEO Tim Sullivan stated ” the facts do not support” the charge that Feingold was silent, saying Feingold lobbied the bank’s chairman in two letters and a phone call.

What are the odds that RNC bigwigs who are ushering Mr. Steele out the door will look at Priebus as more of the same?

Then again, word has it his top challenger for the post is Sarah Palin.