Five Reasons A New Bucks Arena Isn’t Economically Important:

One of the debate points around building a new Bucks arena in downtown Milwaukee is the additional development that will occur in the general vicinity of the new arena. This despite no evidence that there was any significant development around the Bradley Center after it was built. It’s pretty much Major Goolsby’s and that was […]

Close The University of Wisconsin!

With Governor Scott Walker’s announced intention to cut $300 million dollars from the biennial state budget in state support for the University of Wisconsin, clearly the university system will have to find places to trim it’s budget.

Gov. Scott Walker’s plan to cut the University of Wisconsin System by $300 million over two years […]

Is Sheriff Clarke In Uniform?

For some reason that seems completely unfathomable, Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke testified at a confirmation hearing for President Barack Obama’s nominee for attorney general, Loretta Lynch. You can see a short article HERE at JSOnline. There is certainly a story to be found in this but I don’t have time to work that out […]

Thursday Music: Bill Camplin: January Guitar

For the last week of January…two versions of January Guitar from my friend Bill Camplin.

The studio version from his first solo album, January:

And live at Shank Hall:

Some Thoughts On The Double Deck Freeway

As many of you living in and around Milwaukee know, the Wisconsin Department of Transportation is suggesting that the stretch of I-94 from 19th Street to 70th Street be rebuilt and expanded to four lanes. Because of space restrictions at the Miller Park interchanges and the veteran’s cemetery just west of there, DOT would like […]

Young Dems On Governor’s Budget Cuts For The University of Wisconsin:

Click Here for the details on the Governor’s budget proposal for the University of Wisconsin system.

And here is a response from College Democrats of Wisconsin Chair Zach Madden:

CDW Chair Zach Madden Responds To Gov. Walker’s Proposed Changes To The UW System

College Democrats of Wisconsin Chair Zach Madden released the following statement […]

Milwaukee Street Car Fight Heads To The Southside:

Just before last Wednesday’s Common Council vote on the fate of the starter loop for the Milwaukee street car, we experienced dueling press conferences in the city hall rotunda on Tuesday January 20th. And it got very interesting to see who was involved.

First up were Alderman Terry Witkowski (13th Aldermanic District) and Alderman Jose […]

Sheriff Clarke For US Senate in 2018?

Last week political operative Brandon Savage posited this on Facebook:

Right now, Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke is thinking, “why would I settle on running for mayor in 2016, when I could run for US Senate in 2018 and take out Baldwin?” If Clinton is president, Dems have a guaranteed bad midterm. The end result […]

Press Release About Alderman Dudzik from Milwaukee Common Council UPDATE

If you haven’t heard about the cultural and societal obscenities spewed out by Milwaukee Alderman Joe Dudzik, you can follow the spoor trail here.

But the rest of the Milwaukee Common Council decided that Alderman Dudzik wasn’t going to have the last word…and it might be pertinent to note that both street car proponents and […]

Ben Carson Is Totally Tone Deaf Too!

Supposed GOP Presidential hopeful Ben Carson likened American Patriots to the terrorists from the Islamic State because they are willing to die for their beliefs? WTF?

Republican presidential prospect Ben Carson on Thursday compared the Islamic State group to American patriots willing to die for freedom.

In a speech to the Republican National Committee’s winter […]

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