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Kooyenga and Darling’s plan to kill the Milwaukee Public Schools

It’s out there now, the Republican plan (pdf) to start peeling off Milwaukee Public Schools and handing them over to private operators. And it’s awful.

Sponsored by suburban Republicans Rep. Dale Kooyega and Sen. Alberta Darling, it is full of bad ideas and presents a possible future for MPS that is bleaker than you can […]

By comparing protests to terrorism, Walker affirms his perpetual victim status


Zach posted the video earlier of Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker answering a question about how to deal with ISIS–without question, the single most dangerous regime on the face of the planet right now–by saying he managed to face down 100,000 protestors in Madison when he and the WisGOP pushed through Act 10 in 2011.

Walker […]

A Question for Christian Schneider on “Right to Work”

by Jay Bullock

Hi, Christian. Thanks for stopping by to address my question. I appreciate it. You and I obviously disagree on the “Right to Work” bill–I call it the “Right to Freeload” bill–and I’m really hoping you can help me understand where you’re coming from.

I give you credit. A lot of people promoting […]

Lady McBride Doth Protest Too Much

When I was blogging back in the day, I used to joke that I had brevity issues. I put the word “rambles” in the name of my blog as fair warning. I would never be able to tweet, I used to say, because I couldn’t say “good morning” in 140 characters or less. Now that […]

Wisconsin Club for Growth engages in express advocacy in email against Happ

As I’ve mentioned here before, a number of years ago some anonymous hater, whose soul must be a pit of dark matter as dense as a collapsed star, signed me up for weekly emails from the Wisconsin Club for Growth. Most of the time, I just ignore them, as their constant stream of “global warming […]

What do you want to know? Ask questions of AD19 candidates

The Bay View Compass, with the League of Women Voters and the Bay View Neighborhood Association, is hosting a forum for candidates in the race to replace Jon Richards in the 19th assembly district on Monday, August 4th. The full details are here. You should go.

All five candidates, including the four Democrats that Shaina […]

Sen. Carpenter should sue Wisconsin Club for Growth for Libel

A couple of years ago, some wiseacre signed me up for the Wisconsin Club for Growth mailing list, and every Wednesday, WCfG drops a turd in my inbox. Today’s top story?

Last Tuesday night State Senator Tim Carpenter (D-Milwaukee) soiled a state senate debate by saying in plain English that State Senator Mary Lazich (R-New […]

Thursday Music: Cold Satellite

Where am I gonna be tonight? Shank Hall in Milwaukee, for Cold Satellite:

Wisconsin native Jeffrey Foucault has teamed up (for a second time) with poet Lisa Olstein for a set of Americana-inflected tunes that are also damned smart.

Openers tonight are fellow midwesterners The Pines, led by the son of the legendary Bo […]

Walker, in book and possible run for presidency, perfectly embodies modern GOP ethos

Walker, Tosa Ranger

I have never said that Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker is stupid. I have often complained that he makes bad decisions that have tremendous negative effects on the people he is supposed to represent (we’re number 42!), but he is doing it the smart way. That is, he has become the Platonic […]

Wisconsin’s most folktastic music tradition

The venerable Cafe Carpe in Ft. Atkinson hosts Milwaukeean Peter Mulvey and a folking ton of his friends every December for what they call “Lamplighter Sessions.” Mulvey and gang take over the joint and offer, in the case of 2012, twelve nights of music over three weeks at the Carpe, with artists swapping songs and […]