Guest Blog: An Open Letter to Sen. Steven Nass

What follows is a guest blog written by Joanne Brown. An Open Letter to Sen. Steven Nass

Dear Sen. Nass:

I attended the hearing of the Senate Committee on Labor and Government Reform, from its beginning until about 4:45 p.m. I witnessed your conduct of the hearing, heard your comments to those testifying and to […]

Guest Blog: You Want My Vote?

Last night, President Obama held a town hall meeting with Hispanic voters during which he chastised the Democrats for not going to the polls. I guess he didn’t get the memo, but I found a copy. Dear Mr. President, Democratic Representatives, State and National: Your constituents are going on strike. Almost as far back as […]

Saul Newton: The cost of doing business with Boss Vos

What follows is a guest blog by Saul Newton. This was originally posted on but has been reposted here at the request of the author. If Democratic politicians told Assembly Speaker Robin Vos that because of his political affiliation his business would not qualify for tax credits or any other state aid, Vos would […]

Guest Blog: In strong defense of Mike Tate

What follows is a guest blog by Graeme Zielinski, former Communications Director for the Democratic Party of Wisconsin. I’ve seen that there are some knives out for Mike Tate.

I just worked on the Illinois governor’s race, where we were wiped off the face of the earth in a PLUS-EIGHT DEMOCRATIC STATE by the same […]

Guest Blog: Let’s Discuss Legislators Who “Double-Dip”

What follows is a guest blog by reader Mark Bye. Recently, Wausau Daily Herald and Gannett published another in its series of articles tailored to fuel the “us vs. them” fire as it relates to public employees. This particular article dealt with a practice pejoratively referred to as “double-dipping” by public employees, and in specific, […]

The Scott Walker Investigation WAS Partisan: Republicans Won and the Milwaukee D.A. Got Neutered

In early 2012, nominally-Democratic Milwaukee District Attorney John Chisholm filed bribery charges against Johnny Thomas, a Milwaukee County supervisor, rising star and shoo-in candidate for city comptroller.

The evidence was flimsy but Chisholm took Thomas to trial. Later that year, Thomas quickly was acquitted (but his reputation was damaged and career was derailed).

Previous to […]

Hushed: Enabled by Cowardly Milwaukee County Board, Tea Party Sheriff David Clarke Promotes Walker John Doe Figure GOPFran

What follows is a guest blog by Graeme Zielinski. Sources tell me that Tea Party nutjob David Clarke, fresh from being coddled by the Milwaukee County board, is giving Fran McLaughlin, a Scott Walker partisan who calls herself “GOPFran,” a promotion, possibly to the position of deputy inspector.

This as Clarke is cutting or demoting […]

Graeme Zielinski: I’m guilty

I’m guilty

I’ve seen my share of non-apology apologies over the years and so let this not be that.

That’s because this week I pleaded guilty to drunk driving after an arrest in June.

I’ve been mum on the subject, which is not in my character. To be honest, a lot of […]

Why were Scott Walker’s criminal defense attorneys at the Milwaukee County Courthouse last week?

From the email inbox, courtesy of Graeme Zielinski. A top Milwaukee courthouse official told me Monday that they saw Steve Biskupic and Michael Steinle walking together near the adjoining Criminal Safety Building last week on the same day the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel piously announced it would be filing a motion seeking the release of some […]

Guest Post: “Scott Walker, Martyr”

From my email inbox comes this guest post by Graeme Zielinski. A prominent Milwaukee reporter told me a chilling story once that is vital to understanding Scott Walker.

The reporter’s wife was in a Bible study group with Walker’s wife Tonette, who was that day in charge of the discussion. The readings involved Christ’s final […]

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