BREAKING: AG Van Hollen stricken by sudden bout of decency and common sense

Staffers for Attorney General JB Van Hollen rushed him to a Madison emergency room earlier today after what one staffer described as ” a sudden, inexplicable seizure-like bout of decency and common sense “. DOJ spokeswoman Dana Brueck told local reporters ” it was really, really scary. He just suddenly started talking about how we [...]

What’s the story here?

Congratulations to Zach from Blogging Blue and WKBT Channel 8 News in LaCrosse. Why?

They appear to be the only two media outlets that got the headline correct regarding the recent potential pollution of Trempealeau County drinking water by a frac sand mining company: ” Frac sand mine may have contaminated drinking water. “

The [...]

Thanks for the memories, Governor Walker. Not.


Sean Duffy’s Covert Ops Guy

This story is just too good to not post here. Sean Duffy’s campaign field director, Jake Thomforhda, has been put on leave after it was discovered that he misrepresented himself to the press.

I’m guessing Sean read too much “ Spy vs Spy ” when he was a kid?

No joke

Former state Rep Jeff Smith is running a hardnosed campaign in the 93rd Assembly district seeking to unseat Warren Petryk, the reported ” nice guy ” legislator. Here’s one of Jeff’s recent youtube videos that I think is fantastic.

Jeff decided to run because he’s convinced that we can defeat the GOP in what are [...]

Warren Petryk’s jobs plan

This is funny.

Mr. Nice Guy

Across the 93rd Assembly district you’ll often hear people mention how GOP Rep. Warren Petryk is such a ” nice guy “. He sings at church on Sunday, he smiles and waves at folks while he walks in the parades, he votes to throw tens of thousands of working parents and children off of Badgercare, [...]

Voter Suppression in Wisconsin

It used to be that if you wanted to do voter registration in Wisconsin you could get trained by the Government Accountability Board as a Special Registration Deputy(SRD), be assigned an SRD number, and then travel anywhere in Wisconsin to register voters. Not anymore.

The Voter Photo ID law stripped the GAB of any authority [...]

Cenk Uygur on the killing of Kajieme Powell

This is well worth watching. Warning: actual, graphic violence.

” He’ll be looking down the barrel of a gun “

A couple of years ago when my wife and I were visiting my parents in the tiny southeastern Minnesota town where I grew up ( population roughly 1,000 ) my dad told me a disturbing story that I couldn’t get off of my mind for quite some time. The recent events in Ferguson and St. [...]

Blogging Blue’s “14 in ’14”

Goal Thermometer

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