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March 2015
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US police annually kill over twice as many citizens as FBI reports

An investigation by the UK based Guardian has revealed that previous FBI figures for how many US citizens are killed annually by police fell way short of the actual mark.

While the figures are disturbing: an average of 928 people killed annually over a recent eight year period compared to an average of 383 […]

Stephanie Deena Findley announces run for First Vice Chair of the DPW


Findley Campaign: Announces candidacy for 1st Vice Chair of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin 3/17/2015

Contact: Jeff Smith 715-579-9811

Milwaukee, WI- Former 4th Congressional District and Black Caucus Chair Stephanie Findley announced today she is running for First Vice Chair of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin with Jeff […]

Tom Cotton channels Ron Johnson

Arkansaw Senator Tom Cotton, author of the ill conceived, really bad idea, and quite possibly treasonous ” Iran letter ” told CBS’s Bob Schieffer on Sunday that one of the reasons Iran is so dangerous is that they already control Tehran. Ummmm, which is the capital city of Iran. And they’re dangerous because they’re in […]

Oregon Governor Kate Brown signs historic voter registration legislation

Oregon Governor Kate Brown, a Democrat, signed a bill today that automatically registers Oregonians to vote via their Department of Motor Vehicles information. People wishing to opt out have a 21 day period to do so. Coupled with Oregon’s vote by mail system the legislation will likely place Oregon at the top of voter turnout […]

Jon Voight loves Israel. Obama……. not so much.

From the always reliable ” Justice End-Time News ” comes this gem. Whatever happened to the Midnight Cowboy?

Ron Johnson admits he’s kind of dumb

Ron Johnson told Bloomberg News last week, regarding the possibly treasonous letter sent to the Iranian government bearing his signature, ” I suppose the only regret is who it’s addressed to “. Ummm, yeah. That’s worth regretting RoJo. Good call.

Blogging Blue Nails It

At the Democratic Party County Chairs Association meeting yesterday in Plover, Mary Sollinger announced she is withdrawing from the race for Chair of the DPW and Martha Laning announced she is running. While Sollinger didn’t explicitly endorse Laning I’m told they appeared as something of a team throughout the day, with Laning penciling in her […]

Do good ideas come from the WisGOP? Martha Laning thinks so.

The youtube ad says it all. H/T to Aaron Camp of The Progressive Midwesterner for finding this clip.

Curiouser and Curiouser

It appears the race for Chair of the DPW just got very, very interesting. I’ve been told by a reliable source that tomorrow, at the Democratic Party of Wisconsin County Chairs Association meeting in Plover, Martha Laning will announce she’s running for the Chair’s job. Laning ran in the 9th senate district last year against […]

Tom Tiffany wins ” Lie of the Week “

Hurley blogger and former Iron County district attorney Tony Stella has awarded tantrumesque Tom Tiffany his ” Lie of the Week ” designation for poor Tommy’s whiny insistence that the Environmental Protection Agency killed GTac’s always questionable and unlikely open pit iron mine in the Penokee Hills. Missing from Tiffany’s weepy lamentations is the fact […]