Americans are progressive on key issues IV

Scroll to the bottom of the CBS poll contained in this link and you’ll see that 71% of those polled think that individual contributions to political campaigns should be limited, and an impressive and massively whopping 76% think that spending by outside groups on political advertising should be limited. It certainly doesn’t appear that the […]

Americans are progressive on key issues III

Here’s a 2011 Washington Post/ABC poll showing that a whopping, let me repeat that, whopping 78% of those surveyed opposed cutting Medicare as a path to chipping away at the national debt. And an impressive, let me repeat that, whopping 69% opposed cutting Medicaid to chip away at the national debt. That’s massive, I repeat, […]

Americans are progressive on key issues II

In response to comments I made recently about overwhelming support for Badgercare expansion and raising the minimum wage in counties and municipalities around Wisconsin, a counter claim was made that these issues were approved of in only progressive leaning areas and so were no indication of any broad support for progressive ideas. So here’s exhibit […]

Americans are progressive on key issues

There has been some debate recently on BB about why the GOP won so heavily on Tuesday, and a certain Libertarian commenter insists it’s because the American people reject progressive ideas. So this post will be the first of many correcting this profound misunderstanding. Enjoy.

What does Mike Tate actually do?

Predictably, in the wake of the drubbing Dems took on Tuesday night, calls for Mike Tate’s head to be put on a spike next to the bust of Fighting Bob La Follette in the Capitol rotunda have been plentiful. And while I’m no Mike Tate fan, something about the chorus of disapproval smacks of fish, […]

Mobilizing reluctant voters

This should be obvious, but it’s good to have it verified by academics. New research shows that reluctant voters can be mobilized through repeated personal contact, i.e. door knocking or live phone calls. With the GAB predicting turnout of roughly 57% the Burke/Walker race is up for grabs. Time to pour it on for Burke.


Thursday Music: Bon Iver- I Can’t Make You Love Me.

Eau Claire’s Justin Vernon nails a heartbreaker.

Marine Veteran Eric Pizer: ” Please don’t vote for Governor Walker “

I’ll let Eric Pizer do the talking.

Umm, because, you know, it’s, ahhh… umm

Watch Scott Walker tie his tongue in knots. Priceless.

BREAKING: AG Van Hollen stricken by sudden bout of decency and common sense

Staffers for Attorney General JB Van Hollen rushed him to a Madison emergency room earlier today after what one staffer described as ” a sudden, inexplicable seizure-like bout of decency and common sense “. DOJ spokeswoman Dana Brueck told local reporters ” it was really, really scary. He just suddenly started talking about how we […]

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