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Time for true progressives to take a stand on behalf of Wisconsin/American workers

Within only a week or so of announcing his run for US Senate Russ Feingold has come out strong against the Trans Pacific Partnership. Feingold is clear that trade deals like the TPP are written by and for corporations and not the workers who are stuck with whatever is negotiated.But not every Wisconsin Democrat feels […]

Don’t hold back Sly, tell us how you really feel.

John ” Sly ” Sylvester really went off on DPW Chair candidate Martha Laning on Friday in a program/podcast titled ” Candidate Martha Laning is no Democrat “. At issue for Sly is Laning’s statement last year that she couldn’t bring herself to support even a $10.10 an hour minimum wage because it represented a […]

Think about that

In his most recent harangue against the Black Lives Matter movement titled ” Madison can smell Baltimore’s Smoke ” the caustically and faux avuncular David Blaska sings the praises of the Baltimore mother caught on camera swatting her teenage son in an effort to keep him from joining the riots. Blaska writes that the woman, […]

Thursday Music: Pink Floyd – Money

This one’s for my good buddy Mike Tate.

Eleanor Wolf, Citizen Action’s 2014 progressive achievement award winner, endorses Jeff Smith for DPW Chair

Ask any progressive in western Wisconsin’s Chippewa Valley who the hardest working activist in the Valley is and among the names you’ll hear is Eleanor Wolf, and she’s more than likely to be at the top of the list.

So when Citizen Action of Wisconsin held their annual vote last year to determine who should […]

A $34 Dollar an Hour Minimum Wage

Yes, you read me correctly. The CEO of a Seattle based credit card payment processing firm with 120 employees announced Monday he plans to raise the salaries of every single employee to at least $70,000.00 annually over the next three years, which translates roughly to $34.00 per hour for a 40 hour work week.


Why I’m backing Jeff Smith for DPW Chair

First off, Jeff is the only candidate who has won a state level election against a multi-term incumbent Republican in rural Wisconsin. Jeff’s first race was in 2004 when he defeated a handpicked DPW candidate in the 93rd Assembly district primary and went on to lose in the general election. He came back in 2006 […]

A Redneck Can Dream

I’ll warn you up front that this probably isn’t safe for work due to a whole lotta cussin’ going on, but this is one of the most inspiring rants I’ve ever seen on Youtube. For years my wife and I have been trying to convince Wisconsin Democrats that the white working class isn’t who we […]

Thursday Music – Fred Eaglesmith: I Shot Your Dog

Last week I posted a Thursday Music tribute to our family dog Barnie from Fred Eaglesmith titled : ” He’s A Good Dog “. I want to make it clear that I don’t think this was Barnie’s fate, but I thought the flip side of Fred Eaglesmith deserved a hearing. Enjoy!

A Good Man Needs Our Help

Dear Blogging Blue readers,

Last Wednesday, April 1st, a terrible tragedy befell a great friend of Wisconsin. Bad River tribal member David “Joe ” Bates lost his 22 year old son Parker, and his home, to a house fire in Odanah on the Bad River Reservation. Joe suffered severe lung damage from smoke inhalation when […]