Mike McCabe endorses Jeff Smith for DPW Chair

Mike McCabe, former Executive Director of the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign and author of the book ” Blue Jeans in High Places ” has endorsed Jeff Smith for Chair of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin. Here’s what McCabe had to say: “Quite a few people who presumably are card-carrying members of DPW and are planning to […]

That’s Not Fair

My parents are republicans. I don’t argue with them about politics anymore because they’re in their 80’s and I love them, and, frankly, there’s just nothing good that will come of it.

But when I was home recently, ironically enough for a memorial for a union man known to the family, my Mom started to […]

A Profound Disconnect

As noted by long time Blogging Blue commenter CJ McD, Mike Tate wasn’t the only DPW official raising money while rank and file union members were protesting right to work at the Capitol building in Madison.

Nation Consulting Senior Associate Jason Rae, a candidate for DPW Chair, held a fundraiser at the Hotel Metro in […]

Dumbass of The Year

First off, let me say that I wouldn’t give this award out to just anyone, or without due consideration. Over the years here at Blogging Blue I’ve been taken to task by readers, other contributors and commenters alike for my occasionally crude and insulting style of prose, like the time I dubbed a group of […]

Walking the Talk

Ever since Scott Fitzgerald announced his intent to ramrod so called right to work legislation through the state Senate, I’ve seen a lot of social media/blog comments asking where the DPW is in all of this, and while I can’t speak for Mike Tate, Jason Rae, Joe Wineke or anyone else in the DPW Chair […]

Walmart’s puny PR campaign

Walmart is making a big deal out of its announcement that the mega-profitable mega-retailer will raise wages in the next 12 months, up to a $10.00 an hour starting wage by February of 2016.

What’s left out of Walmart’s announcement is that statutory minimum wage hikes in multiple states across the country require them […]

The Big Tent Party

Great news everyone! I’m told there are still hotel rooms available at the Potawatomie Convention Center in Milwaukee, where the Democratic Party of Wisconsin will hold their annual convention in June, for only $159.00 a night!

So if you’re driving to the convention from northern Wisconsin, like I am, and you can take Friday […]

The Political Consultant Class

Ever since Jason Rae announced his run for DPW Chair, Nation Consulting, the firm Rae works for, has come under fire from a variety of bloggers, Facebookers, and other social media mavens disgusted with what is viewed as extremely poor messaging on the part of Democratic candidates. And while the relationship between Nation Consulting, the […]

Wisconsin Homeowners Rejoice!

With the news that Walker’s budget will put an extra $5 annually in our pockets via property tax cuts, my wife and I spent all of last evening debating how we should spend our impending windfall. My wife wanted to splurge and get a large, double mocha latte’ with whipped cream at the local barista […]

Giving Joe A Hand

A couple of weeks ago DPW Chair candidate Joe Wineke sent out a letter of intent to run for the position. The letter went out to county party chairs and other party notables, I assume, and at the very bottom of the letter, in tiny print, was a disclaimer that read: ” Paid for by […]

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