The wonderful world of privatized education

Several families are likely out tens of thousands of dollars as the result of a private school closure and bankruptcy filing in De Pere. I guess you get what you pay for, or maybe you don’t.

Come back to us, John Belushi

It seems to me that morale amongst Wisconsin Democrats and progressives is low these days regarding our chances to defeat Walker in the November election, so I thought maybe we could all use a little inspiration.

Getting the boot

Germany has asked Washington’s top CIA official to leave their country amid allegations that employees of Germany’s intelligence service were actually spying for the US. The CIA official asked to leave is reported to be accredited as the chief of station, which begs the question, how many German intelligence agency chief’s of station are openly [...]

3000 doors?

The left leaning Cheddarsphere and social media in Wisconsin are all a twitter after Mike Tate released his statement that Wisconsin voters don’t care about the allegations of a Walker controlled ” criminal scheme “contained in the John Doe II document dump. People are outraged that Tate would say such a thing, but the real [...]

Sean Duffy prosecutes Bowe Bergdahl without benefit of an investigation

Watch as heroic former prosecutor and fake lumberjack Sean Duffy claims that he supports due process, and then basically calls Bowe Bergdahl a deserter before the military has even had a chance to finish their investigation into the matter. It’s worth noting that it was this kind of rush to judgment that fueled the death [...]

Moral Mondays resume in North Carolina

Watch as retired Marine Master Sergeant Jerry Ensminger calls out North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory and the extremist GOP led legislature at a Moral Monday rally in Raleigh on June 2nd, 2014.

Thursday music: Dire Straits – Brothers In Arms


Dumping Walmart

City officials in Portland, Oregon, announced last week that they’re divesting the city’s investment portfolio of 36 million dollars worth of holdings in Walmart. The decision comes after the adoption of a socially responsible investment protocol by the Portland City Council last year, which now evaluates holdings that may spur ” health and environmental concerns, [...]

$15.00 an hour is not too much to demand.


On Thursday, May 15th, fast food workers around the country and the globe are set to stage the largest fast food worker strike in history. It’s the latest in work site actions that have been growing since the “ Fight for 15 “ was launched in the fall of 2012, and it’s expected that [...]

Thursday music: John Trudell-Rich Mans War

Blogging Blue’s “14 in ’14″

Goal Thermometer