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March 2015
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George Takei: Boycott Indiana

This is too brilliant not to share… My husband Brad and I like to spend our holidays in the White Mountains of Arizona. There’s a small town called Show Low where we’ve passed many a merry Christmas. We’ve been regulars at the July 4th parades there, entertained friends and family over the years, and consider […]

Ten questions from Blogging Blue readers to DPW Chair candidate Stephen Smith

In January I asked the readers of Blogging Blue what questions they’d ask the candidates vying to replace Democratic Party of Wisconsin chair Mike Tate if they had the opportunity, and the questions you all came up with where whittled down from several dozen to ten.

After whittling down the questions, they were sent to […]

R.I.P. Bill Darling

While I may not agree with Republican State Sen. Alberta Darling on anything, there are times when politics gets put aside, and the unexpected death of her husband Bill Darling certainly qualifies as one of those times. The husband of state Sen. Alberta Darling (R-River Hills) has died after a lengthy illness, it was learned […]

A little bit of news about Blogging Blue

For those of you who may not already have heard, I’m pleased to announce I’ve joined the blogging crew over at DownWithTyranny. I’ll be writing a lot about Gov. Scott Walker over at DWT, in order to provide some background on his history here in Wisconsin as he continues to make moves towards a formal […]

Here’s your Sunday open thread

I’ve got something brewing, but it’s not quite ready to post yet. Until then, here’s your open thread.

Alderman Bob Donovan seeks to criminalize being poor

If it’s a day of the week ending in “y” then it’s certainly time for a press release from Milwaukee Alderman Bob Donovan. Yesterday’s press release from Ald. Donovan focused on what he sees as a need to combat panhandling in the City of Milwaukee by criminalizing poverty. Panhandling in the public right-of-way is now […]

Republican State Representative: Watching Rape Makes a Great Party (VIDEO)

Watch as Connecticut Republican State Rep. Mike Bocchino joked that witnessing rape makes for “a great party.”

Wells Fargo to close Milwaukee facility, fire 1,000 employees – didn’t they hear Wisconsin is “open for business?”

Apparently Wells Fargo didn’t get the memo that Scott Walker’s Wisconsin is “Open For Business,” as the company has announced it will lay off 1,000 workers in Milwaukee. Wells Fargo confirms to WISN 12 News that 1,000 employees in Milwaukee will be laid off this summer.

A Wells Fargo spokesman said the Home Lending Service […]

Billionaire makes $1.5 million dark money contribution to help Scott Walker, receives $1.8 million from Walker’s WEDC

According to this report by Yahoo! Politics Chief Investigative Correspondent Michael Isikoff, Wisconsin billionaire John Menard Jr. gave $1.5 million to right-wing groups that kept his contribution a secret, only for Menard’s company to end up receiving $1.8 million in tax credits from WEDC, the job creation agency of which Gov. Scott Walker is the […]

Could Rahm Emanuel lose to Chuy Garcia?

There’s so much to love about this… In a recent television appearance, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, bedecked in a fuzzy sweater, apologized for his abrasive style. His political action committee accepted half a million dollars from billionaire Ken Griffin, adding to a campaign war chest totaling more than $30 million. And three aldermen and the […]