Gogebic Taconite spends hundreds of thousands of dollars to influence Republicans on Wisconsin mining law

But remember, there’s absolutely NO “pay to play” going on in Wisconsin…

Gogebic’s spending was thought to be relatively modest until court documents related to a Milwaukee County district attorney’s investigation of ties between Walker’s political organization and outside groups were unsealed Aug. 22.

Political donations from Gogebic representatives totaled $31,800 since 2010, according to [...]

Compare and contrast: Jonathan Brostoff & Joseph Klein

While the Democratic primary election in the 19th Assembly district drew a lot of attention given the fact that four Democrats were vying to replace incumbent Rep. Jon Richards, the winner of that primary (Jonathan Brostoff) does still have an opponent in November’s general election. Joseph Klein of the Wisconsin Pirate Party is also vying [...]

The United States: now backing ____________

This cartoon from David Pope really does sum up the efforts of the United States to “stabilize” the Middle East.

A draft of Scott Walker’s Labor Day speech

Via The Political Environment comes this gem. A reader dropped this off. She said she found it on the back of a George Webb’s paper place mat, and I spent the morning getting the hand writing verified by a palm reader south of town and at two area Walgreen’s pharmacies, so here’s the transcription, verbatim, with his [...]

Laura Ingraham to listeners: Obama considers them, not Islamic State, to be “true enemy”

During the August 29 edition of Courtside Entertainment Group’s The Laura Ingraham Show, conservative squawk radio host Laura Ingraham asserted that President Obama considers them, not the terrorists associated with ISIS, to be the “true enemy.”

Listen for yourselves.

VIDEO: President Obama’s remarks at Laborfest today

Today President Barack Obama celebrated Labor Day by giving a few remarks at Laborfest in Milwaukee.

Here’s President Obama’s speech.

So what do you think of President Obama’s speech?

Pat Bomhack declared winner in 17th Senate district Democratic primary despite missing ballots

According to according to unofficial results reported to the state Government Accountability Board on Thursday, Democrat Pat Bomhack was declared the winner of the Democratic primary recount over Ernie Wittwer in the 17th Senate district. Wittwer was originally declared the winner of the primary by a narrow 7 vote margin, and a recount of the [...]

Laborfest 2014

From my email inbox comes news of Laborfest 2014.

Laborfest Milwaukee, the only festival on the Summerfest Grounds free and open to the public. 11am Parade beginning at Zeidler Square Memorial Park Laborfest 12pm-5pm Summerfest Grounds

Organized by volunteers from local labor unions and affiliates and supported by area businesses and nonprofits, this year [...]

Sheriff David Clarke requests 157 new positions in 2015 budget

What’s this? Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke may finally be taking his job as a crime fighter seriously?!?!? Milwaukee County Sheriff David A. Clarke Jr. is asking for 157 new positions in his 2015 budget, saying the additions are critical for safety and to reduce overtime costs, which he estimates will hit $6.5 million this [...]

Gender matters with Burke & Happ at top of Democratic ticket

This is an exellent read…thanks to commenter Duane12 for sending me the link. “The gender is interesting,” said Happ, who got 52 percent of the vote in a primary against two men. “I think women are saying, ‘Listen, we want more representation in our elected officials.’ Because we are woefully underrepresented.”

Win or lose, having [...]

Blogging Blue’s “14 in ’14″

Goal Thermometer