Report: Cindy Archer making more in six-figure state job than max salary for position

By now you’ve probably read or heard about Cindy Archer, a former aide to Gov. Scott Walker who was recently hired for a six-figure state job without actually applying for the job. After being hired, it was revealed Archer was actually making $27,000 per year more than her predecessor in the position, and now Patrick [...]

Scott Walker’s Wisconsin: you scratch his back & he’ll scratch yours

This should surprise absolutely no one. Nearly half of Governor Scott Walker’s campaign fundraisers since April 1st have been hosted by people whose companies received financial awards from his administration.

Some call that troubling, while others say its nothing new in Wisconsin.

Jack Link, the owner of Jack Link Snacks of Minong, joins Chris Shult, [...]

The lamest defense yet of possible illegal coordination between Scott Walker & third party groups

What are they, a bunch of fourth graders?!? A group at the center of a campaign finance investigation ensnaring Wisconsin Republican Gov. Scott Walker has an emphatic retort to prosecutors examining whether its coordination with politicians was illegal: Everybody does it.

H/T to James Rowen of The Political Environment.

Jon Richards pledges to end Walker-Schimel culture of corruption

From my email inbox comes this press release from Democratic Attorney General candidate Jon Richards in regards to yesterday’s revelations that John Doe prosecutors accused Republican Gov. Scott Walker of running a “criminal scheme” in which his gubernatorial campaign illegally coordinated campaign activity and expenditures with right-wing outside groups. Wisconsin Attorney General candidate Jon Richards [...]

Brad Schimel: Joel Kleefisch’s “pay to play” style of legislating A-Okay!

In yet another example of Republicans protecting fellow Republicans, Waukesha County District Attorney Brad Schimel – who’s running for Wisconsin Attorney General this year – declined to investigate Republican State Rep. Joel Kleefisch after it was revealed Kleefisch worked closely with millionaire deadbeat dad Michael Eisenga (a contributor to Kleefisch’s campaign) on legislation that would [...]

Thursday Music: Putin Special Edition: Back In The USSR

John Doe II Iced By Federal Judge

I don’t know where this goes next. Is this the last place that a John Doe can be considered or does the DA have the authority or wherewhithal to appeal a ruling like this?

Today’s Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:

U.S. District Judge Rudolf Randa issued the 26-page decision late Tuesday, calling on prosecutors to immediately [...]

Yet another example of Sheriff David Clarke’s lawless Sheriff’s Office

The corruption and lawlessness in Sheriff David Clarke’s Sheriff’s Office continues…

A sheriff’s clerk was charged Monday with felony misconduct in office for allegedly stealing cash paid for restraining orders and other court documents.

Damond Watts, 38, was accused of stealing $1,200 between September and December of last year, according to the criminal complaint.

The [...]

So Who’s Gonna Pay The Bill?

So we keep hearing about the secret computer network in the county executive’s office while Governor Walker was hunkered down there. And we keep hearing about how the staff was using personal laptop computers to access personal email accounts to avoid or evade open records laws. Well…all those things used electricity that I paid for…where [...]

Dan Bice should be ashamed of himself

I live over 325 miles northwest of Milwaukee and don’t read Dan Bice’s column all that often, but I notice that the blurb under the title of his ” No Quarter Blog ” reads, “Daniel Bice, the Journal Sentinel’s watchdog columnist, holds politicians and the powerful accountable ” Is that so?

Then someone please tell [...]

Blogging Blue’s “14 in ’14″

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