Thanks for the memories, Governor Walker. Not.


“NoVouchers” group forms to stop expansion of taxpayer-funded vouchers for private schools in ruralNorthern Wisconsin

On Monday a grassroots coalition calling itself “NoVouchers” announced its volunteer members will be working to stop the expansion of taxpayer-funded vouchers for private schools in rural communities in Northern Wisconsin.

“Our group calculated that the cost of funding vouchers for private school students just in Merrill, Wausau, Green Bay and Eau Claire could cost [...]

Citizen Advocates for Public Education to host Fall Education Forum

On Thursday, October 9 Citizen Advocates for Public Education (CAPE) will be hosting its first Fall Education Forum to educate voters on candidates’ views prior to the November elections.

Here’s some details on the event, and to learn more about Citizen Advocates for Public Education, check out their website or their Facebook page.

On October [...]

Mary Burke vs. Scott Walker on school vouchers

Mary Burke vs. Scott Walker on school vouchers….discuss. As we draw closer to casting that ballot, Governor Scott Walker and gubernatorial candidate Mary Burke are speaking out on a variety of hot button issues including the state’s school voucher program.

The program offers taxpayer-funded tuition subsidies for students to attend private, mostly religious, schools.

Gov. [...]

Former Obama aides set to take on teachers unions with help from Republicans

A truly “progressive” lot, these former Obama aides are. Every day throughout the summer of 2006, seemingly without end, things just kept getting worse for Washington Republicans. Iraq was spiraling out of control, President George W. Bush was at the depth of his unpopularity. Congressional Republicans were mired in scandal. One was even caught sending [...]

Vincent Synowicz: the ALEC candidate

There should be absolutely no doubt by now that the influence of the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) in Wisconsin is strong.

As if to prove that point, last week Republican Assembly candidate Vincent Synowicz issued a press release last week promising to copy and paste a piece of ALEC-written legislation on “day one” of [...]

The wonderful world of privatized education

Several families are likely out tens of thousands of dollars as the result of a private school closure and bankruptcy filing in De Pere. I guess you get what you pay for, or maybe you don’t.

Scott Walker cuts Wisconsin Covenant college tuition program

Yeah, Gov. Scott Walker really values education, doesn’t he? While the record $1.2 trillion in student loan debt has attracted election-year calls for reform in Madison and Washington, D.C., Wisconsin is ending a program that has helped students like Toshia Spindler go to UW-La Crosse. The Covenant Scholar program that Democratic Gov. Jim Doyle and [...]

DPI Has Voucher Supporters All A Roil

At the behest of the federal Department of Justice who are investigating possible discrimination against students with disabilities, the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction requested voluntary information from Wisconsin’s voucher schools. This has voucher proponents and GOP legislators…well…seeing red!

…the DPI’s request that was sent to schools last week — prompted by complaints submitted to [...]

Pirate Party candidate Joseph Klein outlines his position on education

Last week Democrat Jonathan Brostoff, one of five candidates running in the 19th Assembly District, released a position paper outlining his position on education. On the heels of the release of Brostoff’s education position paper, Pirate Party candidate Joseph Klein has outlined his thoughts on education in Wisconsin. I am not alumnus of MPS and [...]

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