When Economic Forecasts Go Horribly, Horribly Wrong

In 2008 when President Obama assembled his economic team to help deal with the growing financial crisis, even their worst nightmare scenario woefully underestimated the depth of the economic collapse. Their failure is now our failure.


Caucus Scandal Redux

The Capitol Caucus scandal is in the news again, not the illegal campaigning done by the Walker campaign, the one run by convicted felon Scooter Jensen. This time Dane Count DA Ismael Ozanne has decided to bring bring Sherry Schultz to trial again.

Then there’s Sherry Schultz.

She’s the forgotten caucus staffer.

The ex-Assembly […]

Republican Thugs Part 9 – Michael Moore Edition

In yet another version of our continuous Republican Thug series, comes probably the most disturbing one yet.

In an excerpt from his upcoming book \"Here Comes Trouble\", Michael Moore tells us some stories of republican hatred, violence and plain stupidity. He talks about random people attacking him, hiring Navy Seals to live with him […]

Dick Cheney

I do not have any interest on writing much about Dick but he did write a book and is now going to profit on his crimes. I personally think that Dick is one of the most vile human beings in our country and maybe my biggest disappointment in President Obama’s record is the fact that […]

Recounts vs. Voter ID: Why Is Democracy So Damn Expensive?

The vote recount for the Supreme Court race between incumbent Justice Prosser and Assistant Attorney General JoAnne Kloppenburg is nearly over. The recount has been completed in 71 of Wisconsin’s 72 counties. Only Waukesha County is still methodically performing their hand count and has only managed to recount about one third of the ballots cast […]

Paul Ryan is NOT listening…

Paul Ryan (R-Wall St.) had a listening session in Milton this morning. I have to give him credit for two things, 1. As bad as his message is, he does interact with the crowd(unlike Randy Hopper). 2. He stands up for the people who pay him. Despite the fact that he has totally devastated his […]

1st Congressional district

Full disclosure, I was working on a blog in January excoriating Mike Tate for the results of the last election and what he was planning for 2012. I was going to focus on the fact that I felt he has not been focusing on the 1st congressional district. After speaking with John Heckenlively, who ran […]

Tammy Rocks!

My US Congressional Representative Tammy Baldwin from the 2nd District Rocks!

Our country will not survive…

according to glenn grothman, if our country continues its war on white males. Who do women and minorities think they are trying to actually get jobs and contribute to society?

Tea Party Nation???

I personally have expressed many times, the ridiculousness of the “tea parties”. The example that I always used and felt described the “tea party” 2010 election year was George Allen.

George Allen who lost his Senate seat to Jim Webb in 2006, due to his Macaca Moment. He lost because he showed an outright […]

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