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AP’s Scott Bauer: Scott Walker campaign strategist?

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Among the more interesting items in the massive dump of 27,000 pages of documents relating to the prosecution of Kelly Rindfleisch, a former close aide to Scott Walker who was convicted of Misconduct in Public Office, was an email exchange between Walker campaign manager Keith Gilkes and AP reporter Scott Bauer (@sbauerAP) during the 2010 […]

The Political Taste Test

This is from 2010, but it’s hilarious.

Tim John for Governor in 2014? Unlikely, but that sure would be fun!

Voter Suppression: Bringing Jobs since 2010

Scott Walker: Bringing Jobs since 2010

Voter suppression has been an American tradition since the days of our founding fathers. It’s sad and appalling, but true. At first our Constitution only recognized the right of white male land owners. That was as of 1790. Also, did I mention you had to have a prerequisite as […]

Hello dey, Wisconsin!

Hello, good morning, good day and good evening, or as my Grandpa Lee used to say, “Hello Dey!” For those of you who do not know me, as I’m guessing that’s pretty much everyone, I’m Dustin. I’m another poor college student, union thug, pinko liberal here to dispel words upon you that spread progressive thought […]

Why Creating 250,000 Jobs Is An Impossible Task

I imagine most all of us realized that Governor Scott Walker’s promise to create 250,000 jobs in Wisconsin by the end of his four year term was a matter of campaign hyperbole. But thank you to all of those who are holding him to it and reminding all of us about his statement.

At first […]

Act 10: Governor Walker Tells It Like It…Well, No, He’s Lying!

In this morning’s Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, political columnist Daniel Bice outlines the loss in membership in public unions since the enactment of Wisconsin Act 10 that obliterates the power of Wisconsin public employee unions. Well, public employee unions except for the protected police and firefighter unions that is.

Now the short gist of the article […]

2016 GOP Election Strategy: Why Appeal When We Can Steal?

In the wake of our President’s re-election, one would think the GOP would engage in deep reflection as to the reason (s) they lost this previous campaign, making every attempt to implement policy changes reflective of the current electoral map. But, oh no! Far from it! Lest you have forgotten: The first thing the GOP […]


As the now infamous, least productive session of Congress in nearly forty years came to a close today, coupled with the opening of a brand new session, one must ask: How will this session differ from the last? That is, will the marginally led GOP Congress place the interests of “We the People” first, or […]


With Congress passing what is now officially called The American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012, the fiscal cliff crisis has been averted, while providing tax relief to nearly 98% of Americans, and predictably bringing stability to the markets when the bell rings tomorrow morning. However, the Bill is not without its critics; both progressive and […]


With what can only be described as the historical re-election of our President this past November, “We the People,” have learned several things about our current electoral landscape, but perhaps nothing as dramatic as how this country has rejected the platform, agenda, and ideology of the Grand Old Party! While those within GOP ranks, and […]