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Cudahy Alderman Randy Hollenbeck caught lying about fake Facebook identity during 2013 election

On March 12, 2013, then-candidate Randy Hollenbeck posted a blog entry questioning why I had not answered questions posed to me by “Jon Schmidt.” In his blog entry, Hollenbeck wrote, “I have been asked by Jon Schmidt a few times why Zachary Wisniewski will not answer questions of this nature,” and while that sentence seemed […]

Endorsement: John Hermes In The Specical Election for the 82nd District!

I endorse Greendale Village President John Hermes in this Tuesday’s special election to replace Jeff Stone in the 82nd Assembly District. From JSONLINE:

Hermes, 56, running as a Democrat, has served as Greendale village president for eight years and was a village trustee for another nine years. Hermes also serves on the Milwaukee Metropolitan […]

Jessie Rodriguez: the bought and paid for candidate

Via the Wisconsin AFL-CIO.

On November 19, voters in the 21st Assembly District will have an opportunity to elect a candidate who isn’t bought and paid for by special interests, and that candidate is Elizabeth Coppola.

Elizabeth Coppola for State Assembly!

The special election for the 21st Assembly District can be the first look at the 2014 Legislative elections…so it is imperative that we elect a Democrat to fill the seat vacated by Mark Honadel.

So without hesitation, and I am sure no surprise to the readers of Blogging Blue, I endorse Emerge alum, Elizabeth Coppola […]

A funny anecdote about Jessie Rodriguez

Here’s an interesting tidbit about tea party Republican Jessie Rodriguez, who’s running to replace Mark Honadel (R-Mining Companies) as the State Representative in the 21st district.

I have it on good authority from a reliable source that the firefighters who work with Aaron Rodriguez (Jessie Rodriguez’s husband) are so supportive of Aaron and Jessie that […]

The most underreported political story in the country

Last week, long term incumbent Seattle City Councilmember Richard Conlin, considered a liberal democrat, claimed victory over Socialist Alternative candidate Kshama Sawant by a roughly 53% to 46% margin in a race for a Seattle City Council seat. Sawant ran an unconventional and grossly underfunded campaign with a combination of old and new: a strong […]

Stephanie Mencimer: I Can’t Believe Terry McAuliffe Is Going to Be Governor of Virginia

This is scathing…. Nonetheless, the time I spent covering McAuliffe—who became head of the Democratic Party during George W. Bush’s first term—has left me dumbfounded that he (according to the polls) is poised to become the next governor of Virginia.

Allow me to explain. McAuliffe represents an unseemly slice of Washington. His primary role in […]

My new favorite blog: Bob Braun’s Ledger

My favorite new blog? Bob Braun’s Ledger. Though it deals with issues of importance in New Jersey, it’s well-written and definitely worth a read, as shown in this entry about newly-reelected Republican Gov. Chris Christie. Chris Christie is a dangerous man.

But, gee whiz, guys and gals, wouldn’t it just be totally and awesomely cool […]

Lessons from the Old Dominion’s Gubernatorial Election

The big news out of Virginia today is Virginia is experiencing “blue shift.” A state that was once reliably red has become increasingly competitive for the Democratic Party. Part of it is because the northern part (closest to D.C.) is becoming very blue, but part of it is because the GOP still rewards candidates who […]

Jessie Rodriguez – Scott Walker foot soldier

As a result of last night’s Republican primary in the 21st Assembly District, Democrat Elizabeth Coppola will face off against far-right conservative Republican Jessie Rodriguez, and I felt it was worth noting just how much of a Scott Walker foot soldier Rodriguez will be if elected.

Putting aside the fact that Rodriguez has raised a […]