Serving Wisconsin: Retiring Senators Offer Wisdom From Senator Vinehout

This email missive from State Senator Kathleen Vinehout arrived in my in box yesterday. It’s a little wisdom and maybe a bit of foreboding about our future under the dome in Madison. But as we turn another page on politics in Wisconsin, I thought it worth sharing with you!

‚ÄúThere is a yearning outside the […]

Right To Work In The Badger State

Anyone reading this blog won’t be surprised to hear that I am vehemently opposed to Right To Work legislation. Nor that I am not particularly happy about the events from the past week or so that have lead to this particular blog.

The first shot across the bows of Wisconsin labor came on Monday December […]

DPW Chair Mike Tate Wants To Hear From You!

From the inbox comes this missive from the Democratic Party of Wisconsin’s Chairman, Mike Tate:

Thanks for your membership in the Democratic Party of Wisconsin and your work on behalf of Democratic candidates this fall. Even though the midterm elections were hard on Democrats in Wisconsin and around the country, we should all be proud […]

Dave Obey: Democrats’ problems more national than local

In an opinion piece published yesterday, former U.S. Rep. Dave Obey shared his view that the problems that led to the lackluster election results here in Wisconsin on November 4th were more a product of poor messaging on the part of the national Democratic Party, and not because of the failures of Mike Tate, chairman […]

Chris Ladd: The missing story of the 2014 election

“Few things are as dangerous to a long term strategy as a short-term victory” writes Chris Ladd of the Houston Chronicle in a fantastic piece outlining that while 2014 may have seemed like a good year for Republicans across the United States, a deeper look shows trouble on the horizon.

Republicans this week scored the […]

Americans are progressive on key issues IV

Scroll to the bottom of the CBS poll contained in this link and you’ll see that 71% of those polled think that individual contributions to political campaigns should be limited, and an impressive and massively whopping 76% think that spending by outside groups on political advertising should be limited. It certainly doesn’t appear that the […]

My thoughts on Mary Burke

As I’ve been ruminating over the results of last week’s election, I’ve been critical of Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chairman Mike Tate (see HERE and HERE), and while some of my criticism of Tate was unfair, I do think it’s important to have a discussion about what we Democrats want to see from our party […]

Americans are progressive on key issues II

In response to comments I made recently about overwhelming support for Badgercare expansion and raising the minimum wage in counties and municipalities around Wisconsin, a counter claim was made that these issues were approved of in only progressive leaning areas and so were no indication of any broad support for progressive ideas. So here’s exhibit […]

A couple of tidbits I found interesting as I look through campaign financial reports

Just a few election-related tidbits I found interesting as I’ve been combing through campaign finance reports.

“Make It” Molly McGartland, the thrice-defeated Republican challenger to Democratic State Rep. Christine Sinicki, loaned her campaign $6,000 during the most recent reporting period (and over $12,000 total) and spent $5,900 on her campaign website. I may not be […]

What does Mike Tate actually do?

Predictably, in the wake of the drubbing Dems took on Tuesday night, calls for Mike Tate’s head to be put on a spike next to the bust of Fighting Bob La Follette in the Capitol rotunda have been plentiful. And while I’m no Mike Tate fan, something about the chorus of disapproval smacks of fish, […]

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