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Senator Ron Johnson Is Trying To Save Obamacare

Remember our Senator Ron Johnson’s lawsuit against Obamacare? Who can forget one of the most inane things he’s done in Washington so far in is term as senator.

Well apparently the GOP wised up to the fact they states led by GOP governors who refused to set up their own state insurance exchanges will […]

Republicans unveil their strategy to beat Russ Feingold in 2016: blatantly lie and hope no one notices

In yet another example from the “desperation is a stinky cologne” department, the National Republican Senatorial Committee, specifically mouthpiece Andrea Bozek, alleged former U.S. Senator Russ Feingold announced his 2016 Senate campaign against incumbent Ron Johnson while Feingold was in California. The only problem? The NRSC’s claim was a blatant lie. The National Republican Senatorial […]

Governor Scott Walker Is A Quitter

The Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC) was supposed to be the crown jewel among Governor Scott Walker’s first term accomplishments. It was part of his agenda to downsize government and privatize government functions in one fell swoop…as well as serve as a lynch pin in his promised job development in Wisconsin.

Well since then WEDC […]

VIDEO: 8th Aldermanic district candidate Justin Bielinski calls Bob Donovan’s public safety plan into question

Yesterday 8th Aldermanic district candidate Justin Bielinski appeared on CBS 58 to call into question Ald. Bob Donovan’s public safety plan. Ald. Donovan’s recently released plan would cost $15-$20 million annually to hire 300 to 400 new Milwaukee Police officers, and Bielinski questioned the feasibility of Ald. Donovan’s plan, mainly because of money. Bielinski was […]

Scott Walker & child molester Josh Duggar palling around

Earlier tonight I wrote about Republican Josh Duggar’s admission he sexually molested juvenile females approximately 12 years ago. On the heels of that revelation, I thought this photo of Josh Duggar and Gov. Scott Walker palling around together was pertinent.

Look! It's @ScottWalker palling around with an admitted child molester! #awkward https://t.co/LOIFsMj7cy

— Blogging Blue (@BloggingBlue) May 22, 2015

The perks of being a million dollar donor to Scott Walker

I guess it really pays to be a big donor to Gov. Scott Walker’s burgeoning presidential campaign and the political action committees supporting that campaign. What does a million-dollar political donor get for his or her money these days?

The answer is spelled out in great detail in a handout from the super PAC supporting […]

Scott Walker exposes himself as being full of crap on foreign policy (VIDEO)

During an appearance on Face The Nation, host Bob Schieffer asked Gov. Scott Walker what his foreign policy credentials were, and GOv. Walker’s answer was revealing – as in revealing that he’s full of crap. Well, I think as a governor, it’s really ultimately about leadership. To me, in my lifetime, one of the best […]

Campaign 16: We The People!

Sometime between the inauguration speech and the first ball, I would start pressuring Congress to replace the current motto, ‘In God We Trust’ with ‘We The People’!

Originally I thought this was just going to be a trivial add on to my thoughts on Campaign 16 and I would throw it out here during a […]

Another Note Or Two On Ron Johnson:

Zach already posted a piece on Senator Ron Johnson’s tone deaf swipes at Russ Feingold…as Mr. Feingold enters the field to retake his seat in the US Senate.

But he left out a telling piece from that article. After being critical of the McCain – Feingold campaign finance reform bill, he just had to add […]

Ron Johnson’s ridiculous attack on Russ Feingold

Though less than a week has passed since former U.S. Senator Russ Feingold announced he’ll challenge Republican Ron Johnson in Wisconsin’s 2016 U.S. Senate race, Sen. Johnson has already upped the ridiculous factor by a quotient of ten, accusing Feingold of being “addicted” to politics. Facing a rematch with his 2010 rival, Republican U.S. Sen. […]