Scott Walker rejects job & revenue creating Kenosha Hard Rock casino

In a move that seems to be all about his 2016 presidential aspirations and nothing else, Republican Gov. Scott Walker announced yesterday he will reject the Menominee tribe’s proposed Hard Rock Casino in Kenosha. Walker, who is exploring a presidential campaign, put the kibosh on the casino one day before he heads to Iowa, an […]

That low hanging fruit is always the easiest to pick

Yesterday’s BizJournal ran a story about the “potential GOP presidential candidate”, Scott Walker and some of the other WEDC executives (because he’s the CEO, don’t you know) going to London to talk up Wisconsin as a potential investment site for UK firms. They are planning to “highlight Wisconsin’s growth sectors: energy, aviation/aerospace, water technology, agriculture, […]

They don’t call that guy Rmoney for nothing (or Third time’s the charm, part deux)

On Friday night, Mitt Romney appeared at the RNC Convention and made a self-deprecating remark about not running as the next Senator from Massachusetts (like he could even beat Elizabeth Warren—she’s way more popular than Obama). He then laid out the three basic principles that would convince Americans to “be with us” for the next […]

Ben Carson Is Totally Tone Deaf Too!

Supposed GOP Presidential hopeful Ben Carson likened American Patriots to the terrorists from the Islamic State because they are willing to die for their beliefs? WTF?

Republican presidential prospect Ben Carson on Thursday compared the Islamic State group to American patriots willing to die for freedom.

In a speech to the Republican National Committee’s winter […]

Scott Walker cancels State of the State Tour events to campaign for president in California

According to an email sent out earlier today by Deej Lundgren, Gov. Scott Walker’s Legislative Liaison, the events surrounding Gov. Walker’s State of the State Tour have been cancelled. Here’s a copy of the email in question.

Third time’s the charm?

After Mitt Romney lost to Barack Obama in 2012 (47-51%), the head of the RNC, Wisconsin’s own Reince Priebus, ordered an “autopsy” to determine what the hell happened. The 2013 report concluded that while their ideology was sound, their messaging and outreach needed some work. The GOP needed to “open the tent” and appeal […]

Senator McCain Considers Sixth Term

With all due respect Senator McCain…even considering that Arizona will probably send a far more conservative tea party adherent to Washington…it’s time to retire:

Arizona Republican Sen. John McCain is leaning toward running for a sixth term in 2016, he said Friday.

“I still think I have a lot to do,” he said in […]

Gov. Scott Walker talks about his non-existent master’s degree ahead of presidential run

As he prepares for an all-but-certain presidential campaign in 2016, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker is saying even though he didn’t graduate college he’s got a kind of master’s degree — just not the traditional kind you and I might expect. “I’m like the majority of people in America,” Walker told Hugh Hewitt. “I’m someone who […]

Scott Walker, still not running for President?

Just a few days ago, our Governor was claiming that he might, sometime in the future, take a look at whether it made sense for “us” to run for President in 2016. As quoted in The Hill yesterday, when Governor Walker was asked about the possibility on “The Hugh Hewitt Show”, he said:

“I think […]

Sen. Ron Johnson says he does “orders of magnitude” more constituent outreach than Russ Feingold

At a “State of the Nation” presentation in Reedsburg back in August, Republican Sen. Ron Johnson told a constituent he does “orders of magnitude” more constituent outreach than his predecessor, Russ Feingold. You may remember Russ Feingold famously held a face-to-face town hall meeting with constituents in each of Wisconsin’s 72 counties during each year […]

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