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May 2015
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Bucks Are More Important Than The University?

This morning’s Milwaukee Journal Sentinel features an opinion piece by Alex Molinaroli, the chairman of Johnson Controls, Todd Teske, chairman of Briggs & Stratton Corp, and Tim Sullivan, former CEO of Bucyrus International. They were touting the proposed Bucks arena as an important asset for Milwaukee and Milwaukee regional firms and why government should get […]

Gogebic Taconite spends hundreds of thousands of dollars to influence Republicans on Wisconsin mining law

But remember, there’s absolutely NO “pay to play” going on in Wisconsin…

Gogebic’s spending was thought to be relatively modest until court documents related to a Milwaukee County district attorney’s investigation of ties between Walker’s political organization and outside groups were unsealed Aug. 22.

Political donations from Gogebic representatives totaled $31,800 since 2010, according to […]

The anti-Christ will poll better than Obama

The good news:

Texas megachurch Pastor Robert Jeffress told Bill O’Reilly Monday night that Obama can’t be the anti-Christ because Obama’s poll numbers aren’t high enough. Whew! That was a close one!

The bad news:

The Affordable Care Act is paving the way for the anti-Christ by acclimating people to government overreach.

Does […]

Outstanding Ignoramus of the Month.

This month’s award recognizing an outstanding achievement in rank ignorance is given to state Rep. Amy Loudenbeck (R-Clinton).

Loudenbeck, in response to a bill put forth by state Rep Melissa Sargent which would allow individual counties access to federal Affordable Care Act money to expand Medicaid for their respective residents, said she needs to […]

What About A New Home For The Bucks?

As any number of ‘civic groups’ line up to lobby for a new basketball arena in Milwaukee, the counties that comprise the suburban ring are voting against a regional tax to build it. Ignoring the fact that the City of Milwaukee and Milwaukee County are the economic drivers that make Waukesha, Ozaukee, Racine, etc viable, […]

Book Review: Governor Scott Walker’s “Unintimidated”

And our recommendation: Steal This Book!

Ziggy by Tom Wilson and Tom II, from GoComics, October 5, 2007

Why I Fear for our Country—and Why You Should Too…

Today on Facebook, I came across a short article that talks about TIME magazine. The article was mostly a pictorial on cover stories for TIME. As it turns out, each week, they publish up to four different covers—one for the US market, Europe, Asia, and the South Pacific. Sometimes all 4 can be the same—but […]

Waxy Monkey Frog and Other Delights

Okay, I admit it. I may just want a legitimate reason to say the words “Waxy Monkey Frog” and that would be the only reason for this post. But seriously, the following photos and the moments captured are incredible. Yes, there’s a pic of a Waxy Monkey Frog in there, and by contrast it might […]

Salary Comparison: Bo Black vs. Don Smiley With a Side of Sexism?

I distinctly remember any number of brouhahas over the salaries commanded by a very will respected and very successful Bo Black during her years running Summerfest…but while her successor, Don Smiley, who has allowed attendance to drop although overseeing major improvements in the festival grounds, has been paid three times Ms. Black’s salary, not so […]

Shocking News: Turns out Mitt Wasn’t Fit (HUMOR AND SATIRE)


CALIFORNIA: Former Presidential hopeful and former Governor of Massachusetts Mitt Romney has reportedly been rushed to a mental health facility (conveniently located just five minutes outside of La Jolla, California) earlier this morning! According to sources close to the Romney family, the former Governor and his wife Ann were uttering their bedtime […]