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Scott Walker’s budget to cut funding to fight water pollution by 16%

In yet another example of how awful Gov. Scott Walker’s latest biennial budget is for the State of Wisconsin, a new report in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel notes his most recent budget cuts funding to fight water pollution by 16%. As worries grow about water pollution caused by runoff from streets, yards and farm fields, […]

Governor Walker Covets Downer Woods

Every time that the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee set its sites on building in and around Downer Woods, the alumni and entire neighborhood was up in arms. A number of parking lots and the Klotsche Center were built on or near Downer Woods property…but the wooded respites is now a protected tract at the north […]

Exxon Mobil opposes fracking regulations but sues to stop fracking near his horse ranch

Image via US Uncut Facebook page

For reasons that should be obvious to everyone (considering Exxon and its subsidiary XTO make loads of money from natural gas production), Exxon Mobil CEO Rex Tillerson opposes fracking regulations and claims environmental concerns about fracking are overblown.

Image via US Uncut Facebook page

What’s ironic about Tillerson’s opposition to fracking regulations is that […]

State Rejects Double Deck I-94 Plan But:

Today the Wisconsin Department of Transportation said they were rejecting their totally unpopular proposal to expand I-94 from 16th Street to 70th Street by creating a double decker freeway:

The proposed expansion of the I-94 east-west freeway between 16th and 70th streets in Milwaukee will be accomplished in the traditional way by adding a lane […]

Some Thoughts On The Double Deck Freeway

As many of you living in and around Milwaukee know, the Wisconsin Department of Transportation is suggesting that the stretch of I-94 from 19th Street to 70th Street be rebuilt and expanded to four lanes. Because of space restrictions at the Miller Park interchanges and the veteran’s cemetery just west of there, DOT would like […]

Milwaukee Street Car Fight Heads To The Southside:

Just before last Wednesday’s Common Council vote on the fate of the starter loop for the Milwaukee street car, we experienced dueling press conferences in the city hall rotunda on Tuesday January 20th. And it got very interesting to see who was involved.

First up were Alderman Terry Witkowski (13th Aldermanic District) and Alderman Jose […]

Herb Kohl donates 1,000 acres of Wyoming wilderness to preservation group

Though he’s now retired from the U.S. Senate, former Democratic Senator Herb Kohl is making headlines for something really, really awesome. One thousand acres of Wyoming wilderness owned by retired U.S. Sen. Herb Kohl of Wisconsin is now in the public trust.

The acreage, along the Gros Ventre River, has been considered a top priority […]

GOP Hypocrisy On The Keystone XL Pipeline

As regular readers are sure to note, I follow the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel column: Congress, Following the Vote. Each week that Congress is in session it breaks out some of the bills voted on, a short description of the bill, what the yes or no vote means, and then how the Wisconsin delegation voted.

This […]

Some More Highlights From The Keystone XL Discussion

This morning I posted a bit on the ruling from the Nebraska Supreme Court that gives the Canadian oil company the right to seize American assets to complete the Keystone XL pipeline. But there are a few other nuggets to be mined from the original article as well. Let’s see what we find!

First, this […]

Court Affirms Foreign Corporation’s Right Of Eminent Domain in US

In the continuing saga of the Keystone XL pipeline, the Nebraska Supreme Court ruled that Canadian oil company TransCanada could essentially use eminent domain to seize right of ways on American owned property to complete the Keystone XL pipeline. Continued proof that money knows no borders:

Removing a major roadblock, Nebraska’s Supreme Court threw out […]