Energy Independence? Bull*lone*y!

One of my post election predictions is that President Obama will approve the Keystone XL pipeline on or after November 5, 2104.

It just seems to fit with the current oil trends in the US:

U.S. Crude Oil Exports Hit a 15-Year Monthly High:

The United States exported 268,000 barrels of crude oil a [...]

Not a moment, but a movement.

The day before the Reverend Dr. William Barber II spoke at Bethel Lutheran Church in Madison, the Reverend Curtis Gatewood, community organizer with the HKonJ/Moral Monday’s movement in North Carolina, spoke with Eric Schubring and founder Ed Garvey on WOJB community radio. Scroll down on the WOJB website to find the recording and give [...]

Major Milwaukee Company Ships Lake Water Outside the Great Lakes Watershed!

Water is the one resource that have continued to plunder with little concern for it’s availability in the future. We let the petroleum industry waste it in fracking. We let power companies pollute it in any number of ways. We let factory farms dry up aquifers with high capacity wells for irrigation. We waste it [...]

Gogebic Taconite president Bill Williams will stand trial in Spain

It was reported late last year that Gogebic Taconite president Bill Williams had lost his last appeal to have charges of environmental destruction dismissed, though it was unclear then that Spanish officials would follow through with an indictment. It’s clear now.

Former Iron County district attorney Tony Stella has the details.

While I realize [...]

A Quick Hit On The Propane Shortage!

There has been a fair amount of press on the shortage of propane in the state as temperatures continue to seek the bottom of the thermometer. Steve Carlson touched on it briefly here on Blogging Blue.

But today, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel discussed Governor Walker’s about face on providing financial assistance in securing sufficient propane [...]

Not a good week for Walker, Tiffany and GTAC.

Just when you thought the week couldn’t get any worse for Scott Walker, Tom Tiffany and Gogebic Taconite, it just got a whole lot worse.

First it was the story on Monday about the Wisconsin Wildlife Federation, headed by former DNR secretary and Tommy Thompson appointee George Meyer, calling for a repeal of Act1, the [...]

Ashland County board supervisors broaden call for repeal of Act 1.

A pair of northern Wisconsin elected officials, Ashland County board chairman Pete Russo and board supervisor Charles Ortman, took their case for a repeal of Act 1 to the airwaves on WOJB community radio on New Year’s Day. Russo and Ortman first called for a repeal of the new ferrous mining law, (passed by the [...]

Tom Tiffany’s lump of coal Christmas

GOP State Senator Tom Tiffany, alleged author and prime mover of Wisconsin’s new ferrous mining law, had a pretty bad Christmas.

First it was the news that Gogebic Taconite president Bill Williams may be facing trial in Spain on charges of criminal damage to the environment. It seems that the same technology Williams claimed would [...]

Mary Burke Launches Official Campaign Site

From my email inbox come’s the announcement that gubernatorial candidate Mary Burke launched her official website yesterday. So for those of us who thought her initial website was low on content…here’s a chance to bench test her campaign:


As one of our core supporters, I wanted you to be among the first to know [...]

Latest Job Numbers Are a Boost for the Democrats in 2014, But Not for the People of Wisconsin

Scott Walker had a bad week. Or course he is too self-absorbed to admit or possibly even acknowledge that things are not looking very good for the state of Wisconsin.

The latest jobs numbers are out from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, and they look pretty good…for the Democratic candidate for Governor. From June [...]

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