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Thinking of Our Children’s Future Is Borrowing To Build Roads

The party who keeps saying that we need to think of our children’s future while cutting education, cutting safety net programs, cutting funds to the UW system, etc…it once again considering our children’s future by borrowing to fund the transportation fund:

Gov. Scott Walker plans to rely on borrowing rather than a gasoline tax increase […]

Kleefisch Family Not Quite Feeling the Love

Undoubtedly it’s tough playing the role of a right wing ultra-conservative on the campaign stump and then having something quite the opposite be part of your real personal life. During the last gubernatorial campaign, Daniel Bice, in his No Quarter column in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, discussed just such a dichotomy in the family life […]

Update: Where Is Sean Duffy?

One of my favorite items in the Sunday Milwaukee Journal Sentinel is the Congress Following the Vote feature. There is always a short description of major bills voted on in Congress the previous week with a breakdown on how the Wisconsin contingent voted.

Today’s feature (as far as I can see JSOnline doesn’t report on […]

Something Overlooked In the Kleefisch Child Support Bill

Yeah, I am sure you are all tired of the brou ha ha surrounding the Child Support Bill introduced and withdrawn by State Representative Joel Kleefisch. As Zach published earlier, Rep. Kleefisch received help in preparing the bill from wealthy campaign contributor Michael Eisenga. I am not going to recount all of that…but I did […]

When MPS Government Bureaucrats Attack The First Amendment


I’m a parent of a Milwaukee Public School child. This is a choice that I made because I believe in the city of Milwaukee and I believe in public education. This year, I am also an officer at my school’s PTA. For those who aren’t familiar with how a PTA works, they are an […]

Reading List for November 6, 2013

I promise not to do this too often, but from time to time, I want to share with you some articles I found to be informative, interesting, and relevant to being an educated citizen of today. I draw articles from many of the sources I read on a regular basis, and I believe you’ll enjoy […]

When a politician puts family above politics

I respect the hell out of Cam Ward, even if I don’t agree with his politics.

State Sen. Cam Ward, a top Republican in Alabama, declined Wednesday to run for the newly open 6th District, saying he will  run for re-election in the state legislature instead.

“God has given me a short window of time […]

Assembly Democrats Have No Spine: What Budget?

Although it doesn’t always pay to tilt at windmills, the decision by Wisconsin Assembly Democrats and Assembly Minority Leader Representative Peter Barca to refrain from offering a single amendment to the biennial budget is downright perplexing. On the one hand I can understand the futility of offering up amendments that have absolutely no chance of […]

Three year-old Tripp Palin calls his aunt a “fu–er”

Watch as three year-old Tripp Palin calls his aunt a “fu–er” during an episode of Bristol Palin: Life’s a Tripp, Bristol Palin’s reality TV show on Lifetime.

Tripp Palin Calls His Aunt A “F***”

What’s most disconcerting about this video is the fact that both adults in the room are laughing along with […]

New Attack on Romney: Mitt Get’s Worse

A new progressive attack on the impact of Mitt’s election on GLBT Americans with “Mitt Gets Worse”. […]