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Guest Blog: give the gift of life

April is known by several titles; Organ Donor month, Donate the Gift of Life month, and several other variations, all of which call attention to the same theme; that is, most if not all can contribute, as our last act, to the continuation of life for others through organ donation.

We are told on the […]

The GOP will regret pushing Wisconsin constitutional amendment regarding state supreme court chief justice position

This excellent post from the blog of Dominique Paul Noth, called Dom’s Domain, is much like the law suit filed recently by Shirley Abrahamson. The current Chief Justice of Wisconsin’s Supreme Court has filed a beautifully planned law suit to the effect that she should remain Chief Justice until her term expires in 2019. Noth’s […]

Guest Blog: Stephanie Findley responds to critics

What follows is a guest blog from Stephanie Findley, candidate for First Vice Chair of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin, in response to criticisms that have been leveled against her. I have been a loyal Democrat since I came out of the womb in 1973. The first campaign I’ve ever worked on was for President […]

Guest Blog: Is this the end of Wisconsin’s civil service?

What follows is a guest blog by Joanne Brown. Is this the end of Wisconsin’s civil service?

Yet another surprise tucked away into the Walker budget bill could mean the end of Wisconsin’s civil service system as we know it.

The budget calls for the Office of State Employee Relations to be moved into the […]

Guest Blog: The Issue of Gerrymandering Legislative Districts in Wisconsin

A recent post from billmoyers.com was brought to my attention. It discusses the actions being taken by the Arizona Legislature to have the power to set Congressional boundaries instead of a non-partisan committee, actions including taking the case to the Supreme Court. The post enumerates a list of reasons why having partisan politicians deciding district […]

Sen. Kathleen Vinehout: “You have got to be kidding!” Advocate Respond to Privatizing Family Care and IRIS

Here’s Democratic State Sen. Kathleen Vinehout’s latest newsletter discussing the changes to Family Care and IRIS proposed by Gov. Scott Walker’s biennial state budget. “You have got to be kidding!” Advocate Respond to Privatizing Family Care and IRIS

“You have got to be kidding!” a Chippewa Valley advocate responded when I told her about a […]

Guest Blog: An Open Letter to Sen. Steven Nass

What follows is a guest blog written by Joanne Brown. An Open Letter to Sen. Steven Nass

Dear Sen. Nass:

I attended the hearing of the Senate Committee on Labor and Government Reform, from its beginning until about 4:45 p.m. I witnessed your conduct of the hearing, heard your comments to those testifying and to […]

Guest Blog: You Want My Vote?

Last night, President Obama held a town hall meeting with Hispanic voters during which he chastised the Democrats for not going to the polls. I guess he didn’t get the memo, but I found a copy. Dear Mr. President, Democratic Representatives, State and National: Your constituents are going on strike. Almost as far back as […]

Saul Newton: The cost of doing business with Boss Vos

What follows is a guest blog by Saul Newton. This was originally posted on JSOnline.com but has been reposted here at the request of the author. If Democratic politicians told Assembly Speaker Robin Vos that because of his political affiliation his business would not qualify for tax credits or any other state aid, Vos would […]

Guest Blog: In strong defense of Mike Tate

What follows is a guest blog by Graeme Zielinski, former Communications Director for the Democratic Party of Wisconsin. I’ve seen that there are some knives out for Mike Tate.

I just worked on the Illinois governor’s race, where we were wiped off the face of the earth in a PLUS-EIGHT DEMOCRATIC STATE by the same […]