Window Closing for Health Insurance: Sign Up Now!

From my email inbox…a reminder from Senator Vinehout…that time’s a wasting and Wisconsin’s uninsured need to act now:

“I was getting the run-around,” the Eau Claire woman told me. She tried to get health insurance through the federal website and was told she was eligible for Medicaid coverage in her state. When she went [...]

Not a moment, but a movement.

The day before the Reverend Dr. William Barber II spoke at Bethel Lutheran Church in Madison, the Reverend Curtis Gatewood, community organizer with the HKonJ/Moral Monday’s movement in North Carolina, spoke with Eric Schubring and founder Ed Garvey on WOJB community radio. Scroll down on the WOJB website to find the recording and give [...]

Obamacare Works!

As the nation celebrates 5 million enrollees in Obamacare, let me bring some real life anecdotes to the table.

Most of the people in my immediate circle, like me, work for employers who provide their health insurance. So I never really thought about the impact of the Affordable Care Act. But in the past several [...]

Is 11 The Lucky Number?

Last year when Act 14 was being debated across the breadth and width of Milwaukee County and the SanFelipans were agitating for a smaller Milwaukee County Board because it didn’t take 18 people to run the county…but whoops…when just one aspect of county governance is removed from local control by the state legislature…well it apparently [...]

Wisconsin’s biggest “welfare queens”

Conservatives just love to throw out the phrase “welfare queens” as an attempt to stereotype recipients of public benefits, but here’s an interesting fact:

Wisconsin’s biggest “welfare queens” are actually some of Wisconsin’s biggest businesses, as noted by the state’s own BadgerCare enrollment data. Here’s a list of the top 5 employers with the most [...]

Republican lawmaker: “We’re trying to create a barrier to [ObamaCare] enrollment”

Because making it more difficult for individuals without health insurance to obtain coverage is truly the “compassionate” and “Christian” thing to do! During a political fight over Medicaid expansion in Arkansas on Tuesday, one Republican lawmaker admitted that he doesn’t want to educate uninsured residents about their new health care options because it’s simply too [...]

CVS Caremark to Drop Tobacco Sales

CVS Caremark announced plans to eliminate the sale of cigarettes and other tobacco products by October 1, 2014. I have to applaud them for doing so but wonder why it’s going to take so long.

But this is something that I have been advocating for some time. I don’t think I’ve written it here before [...]

Outstanding Ignoramus of the Month.

This month’s award recognizing an outstanding achievement in rank ignorance is given to state Rep. Amy Loudenbeck (R-Clinton).

Loudenbeck, in response to a bill put forth by state Rep Melissa Sargent which would allow individual counties access to federal Affordable Care Act money to expand Medicaid for their respective residents, said she needs to [...]

Yeah, this just about sums up how screwed up our nation’s for-profit healthcare system is

This just about sums up what’s wrong with our nation’s for-profit healthcare system. A 20 year-old man came down with appendicitis in October of this year. He posted the bill on Reddit and it has gone viral. The US Health Care system is a topic of much debate, not only in the US but around [...]

Does it get any sicker than this?

The Washington Post reports that for profit hospice care companies may be ripping off Medicare for billions of dollars by enrolling patients who aren’t actually dying. Yes, I’m afraid you read me correctly.

Isn’t capitalism swell?

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