Canada Knows That The US Is Still Great

From one of our regular readers, this article and the attendant videos on the US elections:

Our ever-friendly neighbors to the north have watched from afar a U.S. election cycle that has broken all norms for civility. It’s created tremendous stress and surfaced deep tensions within our society. For many, it’s been disheartening and demoralizing to watch. But Canadians are here to offer a sympathetic message to lift Americans’ spirits.

And on an even lighter note:

Tim Kaine for Dem Vice-President?

There is a fair amount of discussion about Hillary Clinton selecting Senator Tim Kaine for her VP nominee. He’s supposedly the safe pick. But I have had some discussions about potential VP picks and there is some concern that the reason he is safe is because nobody knows who he is! I pooh poohed that until this ABC article popped up in my newsfeed yesterday: pay attention to the headline!

Tom Kaine

OTOH: some of my friends wonder why Hunter Pence would want to end his baseball career running as Donald Trump’s VP candidate…shrug!

Donald Trump Promises England He’ll Build Them a Wall

After the celebration for the re-opening of his golf course in Scotland, Donald Trump agreed to an interview with the BBC. Mr. Trump promised England that he would build them a wall to seal the Chunnel with France:

As you know, I know how to build. I know how to get it done. We’ll have a great wall. We’ll call it the Great Wall of Trump UK minus Scotland. We’ll have a great wall and it will be – it’ll be actually — it can be a good-looking wall, as walls go, but we will have a really terrific wall and it will be done for the right price. But you’ll have to pay me in dollars, believe me, pounds just don’t excite me!

Julie Meyer’s excitement at being the only candidate in the 20th AD was short-lived

From the files of, “Don’t count your chickens before they’re hatched” comes this gem of a Facebook post from the Facebook page of Julie Meyer, the Democrat challenging incumbent Democratic State Rep. Christine Sinicki in the 20th Assembly district.

Meyer’s excitement at being the only candidate on the ballot in the fall election was short-lived, as Rep. Sinicki will most definitely be on the ballot after the Government Accountability Board determined Sinicki received more than enough valid signatures to be on the ballot in the fall.

But hey, I can’t blame Julie Meyer for hoping she’d be the only candidate on the ballot in the fall, because that strikes me as the only way she’d have a chance at winning the election.

Sea Monkeys, Barnum, Biblical Giants and Humbug

This article from the NY Times magazine has absolutely nothing to do with politics…except for this one little nugget that I just had to smirk at:

In his own way, P.T. Barnum was the greatest cognitive scientist of the 19th century. He understood that when you pit humbug against harsh cold reality, reality doesn’t stand a chance. Knowing this explains so much — World Wrestling, Taco Bell, Donald Trump.