Green Bay Alderman Chris Wery demands condemnation of Islamic groups from Muslim citizen

Earlier this week Heba Mohammad, a resident of the city of Green Bay, sent this email to Alderman Chris Wery, a Republican who represents Green Bay’s 8th Aldermanic district on the Green Bay Common Council.

As shown in the email, Mohammad clearly articulated a valid concern about the ability of some voters in Green [...]

Co-chair of Republican National Committee: Wisconsin voters are dumb

This is sure to help Republicans build their base here in Wisconsin. Speaking at a Republican Party field office in Waukesha on Monday, the co-chair of the Republican National Committee talked up the closeness of the governor’s race in Wisconsin and the need to get Scott Walker supporters to the polls.

Sharon Day, the co-chair, [...]

VIDEO: Florida Gov. Rick Scott refuses to debate Charlie Crist because of a small fan

In one of the most bizarre politically-related situations I’ve ever seen, a debate between Florida Gov. Rick Scott and his Democratic challenger Charlie Christ was delayed nearly four minutes after Gov. Scott refused to take the stage because of a small fan located in Charlie Christ’s podium.

Watch for yourselves.

While I appreciate the [...]

Thanks for the memories, Governor Walker. Not.


Brad Schimel would have defended ban on interracial marriage as AG

Here’s yet another example of why Republican Brad Schimel isn’t fit to hold the office he’s seeking. Waukesha County District Attorney Brad Schimel said he would have reluctantly defended a ban on interracial marriage had he been attorney general in the 1950s — a stance Democrats criticized Wednesday.

Schimel, a Republican, is running for attorney [...]

Eclectablog: Michigan GOP goes to the gutter, sends mailer asking people to call Dem candidate’s mother who is in hospice care

According to Eclectablog (a great Michigan-centric blog), the Michigan GOP sent out a mailer asking people to call John Fisher, the Democratic candidate in Michigan’s 61st House district, but the mailer included the telephone number for Fisher’s mother, who currently in hospice care with congestive heart failure. This story is beyond disgusting. The Michigan Republican [...]

Gov. Walker: drug testing the poor is “about compassion”

Speaking at a campaign event on Monday, Gov. Scott Walker defended his proposal to require recipients of public benefits to submit to drug testing as being “about compassion.” Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker on Monday defended his proposal to require drug tests of people seeking unemployment assistance and food stamps by saying it was an act [...]

Dan Sebring supporter wants to see Gwen Moore face a firing squad

Earlier today Republican Congressional candidate Dan Sebring posted this to his campaign’s Facebook page:

Among the comments found regarding Sebring’s post was this comment from a Sebring supporter who wants to see Rep. Gwen Moore “face a firing squad.”

K-Man Eastburn Personally, I would rather see her face a firing squad.

Not surprisingly, Sebring [...]

#TBT – Scott Walker’s indecent tweet on 09/11/10

It goes without saying that September 11 is a solemn day for many here in the United States, however then-gubernatorial candidate Scott Walker marked the ninth anniversary of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks that brought down the World Trade Center buildings in New York City with this tweet:

Look @ the liberal union rally [...]

VIDEO: Fox News’ Steve Doocy makes a funny about domestic violence!

Watch as Steve Doocy and the rest of the Fox & Friends crew joke about how the message to take away from NFL player Ray Rice’s brutal assault on his then-fiance is that she should learn to “take the stairs.”

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