VIDEO: Watch as guest on Hannity show calls Al Sharpton a “retard”

During a recent appearance by Gavin McInnes on the Hannity show, McInnes called Rev. Al Sharpton a “retard” and mocked Sharpton while acting as if he (McInnes) had Down Syndrome.

Watch for yourselves.

The Party of Lincoln?

I imagine some of you caught Bill Lueders’ article about the retirement of State Senator Dale Schultz (R – Richland Center) that was published yesterday at Urban Milwaukee titled ‘Say Goodbye to the Party of Lincoln’. Part of the article relates the story about the resolution passed at the Wisconsin Republican Party’s 6th Congressional District [...]

Wisconsin hunting group to vote on proposal to allow swan hunting in Wisconsin


A proposal to allow the hunting of tundra swans, along with a rule to allow hunters to retrieve hound dogs on private property without landowner permission, are shaping up as two of the most controversial questions before state outdoors users Monday.

The annual meetings of the Wisconsin Conservation Congress (WCC) — held simultaneously in [...]

Unarmed Civilian Takes Sailor’s Gun and Kills:

Hey, you John Wayne wannabes! An armed sailor…a professional fighting man…trained for war and totally familiar with the use of weapons…was on sentry duty when he was disarmed by a civilian who then used the gun to kill another sailor. And you think you’ve got a chance to protect you and yours? Your dreams will [...]

“The New World Horror” Fundraiser – A Film About Tea Party Zombies

So, we’re making a horror movie this summer about Tea Party zombies. Yeah, I know. Zombies are everywhere. Well this zombie movie is, hopefully, going to be different. It will have blobs, demons and of course, patriots. So unlike those Rants Without Pants videos you may have seen me on, we have decided to actually [...]

Conservative County Board candidate attempts to explain away his conviction for intentionally mistreating animals

Image courtesy Wisneski for Brown County Supervisor

Meet Jason Wisneski.

For those of you who haven’t heard of Wisneski, he’s the 2nd Vice Chair of the Brown County Republicans, and he also happens to be a candidate for Brown County Supervisor this spring. On his campaign page, Wisneski describes himself as, “An avid music lover [...]

Cudahy Alderman Randy Hollenbeck caught lying about fake Facebook identity during 2013 election

On March 12, 2013, then-candidate Randy Hollenbeck posted a blog entry questioning why I had not answered questions posed to me by “Jon Schmidt.” In his blog entry, Hollenbeck wrote, “I have been asked by Jon Schmidt a few times why Zachary Wisniewski will not answer questions of this nature,” and while that sentence seemed [...]

Leader of Catholic groups calls for liberal academics to be “taken out and shot”

During an appearance Wednesday on American Family Radio, Austin Ruse, the president of the nonprofit research group Catholic Family and Human Rights Institute, opined that liberal leaders of “modern universities” should “all be taken out and shot.” That is the nonsense that they teach in women’s studies at Duke University, this is where she learned [...]

What have Republicans in the legislature done this week?

Here’s a little recap of what Republicans in the Legislature have done this week.

Voted to get more money for their campaigns from lobbyists while they’re still in session. Passed a bill to make it harder for Wisconsinites to vote. Voted against military veterans and cancer patients.

Yep, it sure was a busy week for [...]

UPDATE: Why are so many of Scott Walker’s aides fond of racist “jokes?”

In December 2013, Republican Gov. Scott Walker’s reelection campaign announced it had fired deputy finance director Taylor Palmisano after it was revealed Palmisano had made a number of racist comments on Twitter prior to being employed with Walker’s campaign.

In case you’ve been stuck under a rock today, over 27,000 pages of documents compiled during [...]

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