Bernie Sanders Says We Don’t Want That Crap

Last week Zach posted a number articles about the bad behavior on the Democratic campaign trail: The bad behavior of Bernie supporters and I #feelthebern, but that doesn’t mean I won’t support Hillary if she’s the Democratic nominee .

And apparently that bad behavior has caught the attention of one of the candidates. On CNN, Bernie Sanders very directly said how he feels:

Sen. Bernie Sanders had a terse message for any of his supporters who engage in online harassment “we don’t want that crap.” He told CNN on Sunday that the so-called “Berniebro” phenomenon is “disgusting” and that “anybody who is supporting me that is doing the sexist things — we don’t want them.”

And his campaign is being proactive in getting exactly that message out:

Meanwhile, the Sanders campaign has engaged in an escalating series of tactics trying to convince the Berniebros to cut it out. Sanders rapid response director asked the senator’s supporters to chill on Twitter:

Bernie Crap Response


Similarly, the campaign’s digital media director Héctor Sigala wrote on the online forum Reddit that “we love our supporters and we know we wouldn’t be here without you all, but it does add a layer of complexity when we have to track what you all do during some moments when we are shaping our messaging.” He added a warning to the senator’s most obnoxious supporters: “just know you represent our movement and be respectful with those who disagree with you.”

to wrap this all up, here’s something that I totally agree with:

It’s not every day that a candidate labels activities that are ostensibly done to bolster his or her candidacy “crap.”

Full disclosure: I am not in either camp yet…my candidate dropped out after Iowa.

Wisconsin Progressives Need To Make Up Their Mind

After Mary Burke announced her candidacy for governor in 2013, the pundits and progressives across the blogosphere and social media were heard weeping, whining and gnashing their teeth about the hand picked candidate of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin. Everyone wanted anyone but the anointed Ms. Burke.

Some of us suggested that those unhappy should recruit their own candidate. Dozens of names of other elected officials were bandied about in hopes they could be coaxed to run. Russ Feingold, Peter Barca, etc. Finally Brett Hulsey threw his hat and fake confederate uniform in the ring and a primary season circus was on.

And the progressives lamented that the party was preventing other candidates to enter the fray…and doing everything possible to clear the way for Ms. Burke. Maybe…maybe not. But my guess is most other elected officials didn’t want to get involved in the lost cause of unseating the incumbent, Governor Scott Walker. Probably a wise move…but I digress a bit.

Of course the loss to Governor Walker is wholly the fault of a forced candidate picked by the party.

And just over a week ago there was the meet and greet with a question and answer period for three of the four candidates for chair of the DPW. Zach posted a few comments about this event earlier.

During the event more than a few attendees complained that the party didn’t recruit enough qualified candidates across the state. That the 72 county strategy was a failure because the party didn’t recruit a democrat to oppose the GOP candidate every available race in 2014. Hmmmm.

So, first the candidate perceived to have been recruited by the party to run for governor was tainted because she was recruited by the party? But across the state the party didn’t recruit candidates? Recruit or not recruit?

Wisconsin progressives, you gotta make up your mind!

Sheriff Clarke For US Senate in 2018?

Last week political operative Brandon Savage posited this on Facebook:

Right now, Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke is thinking, “why would I settle on running for mayor in 2016, when I could run for US Senate in 2018 and take out Baldwin?” If Clinton is president, Dems have a guaranteed bad midterm. The end result is simple: US Senator David A. Clarke, Jr.

I wasn’t quite convinced and said so:

…I don’t think he can sustain the tea party vote outside of Milwaukee County…particularly against an out stater.

But I think I am wrong…I think he might have a very good chance if this were his druthers. Why? Well yesterday while doing my grocery shopping I saw an elderly gentlemen talking to a friend both wearing their Sunday go to meeting Packers garb…and wearing Clarke for Mayor baseball caps. If he can sell that to old white guys on the south side…he just might be able to go statewide. shiver.

btw: is it permissible to include a sheriff’s star on apparel intended to promote a campaign?

Twelve Year Olds Aren’t Adults, They Just Aren’t

If you are from southeast Wisconsin, you are probably aware of two twelve year old middle school female students who tried to kill another female classmate by stabbing her 19 times…with the intention of impressing a fictional online character. Waukesha County District Brad Schimel (who coincidently is running for Wisconsin Attorney General as a Republican) has decided to charge the girls with first degree attempted homicide as adults.

Today’s Milwaukee Journal Sentinel has five articles in the editorial section alone…from Roman Catholic Archbishop Listecki…to Eugene Kane…to a direct editorial piece…but nobody is actually debating the decision to charge them as adults.

Because they are twelve years old and despite the fact the media has published their names and photographs, I am not going to use their names. Whatever the result of the pending legal proceedings, the lives of all three of these girls are already damaged beyond repair.

And yes the crime is heinous and cold blooded…but twelve year olds ARE NOT adults! And in the case of these two girls, the media provides absolute proof in every article they print about the crime by just relaying their explanation of the events. From the MJS editorial this morning:

The stories that [the girls] told police are at once bizarre and tragically sad. The girls, also 12, said they plotted the murder of their friend for months. On May 31, they allegedly lured her into a woods after a sleepover and stabbed her 19 times to show their dedication to a fictional character called Slender Man from the horror website Creepypasta Wiki. They wanted to become “proxies” of Slender Man and show that he was real, police say. They planned to hike to the Nicolet National Forest in northern Wisconsin after the murder and present themselves to Slender Man in the mansion where they believe he lived. That was their fantasy.

Does that sound like the reasoning of an adult? Does it even come close? Do we really think they should be tried as adults? That they will understand the proceedings against them? If they can’t separate a fictional character on a website from reality? If they can’t determine the seriousness of their actions? The cat is already out of the bag, but trying them as adults is a miscarriage of justice.

Bipartisan Drone Bill Introduced in Madison

Late last week, Rep. Tyler August (R-Lake Geneva), Rep. Frederick P. Kessler (D-Milwaukee), Rep. Dave Craig (R-Town of Vernon) and Rep. Chris Taylor (D-Madison) introduced a bill that would ensure drones do not threaten the privacy rights of people in Wisconsin. A number of other states already have similar laws restricting the use of drones or are considering enacting them. With the growing sophistication of drone technology and decreasing costs it is inevitable that local law enforcement agencies will start to employ drones here in Wisconsin.

So what does the bill entail? First of all it prohibits the use of drones in surveillance by law enforcement agencies without a warrant…except in limited cases such as search and rescue or active police situations where the public and law enforcement are in immediate danger. Any evidence collected during an illegal use of a drone is automatically inadmissible in court.

According to the synopsis from the Legislative Reference Bureau:

The bill prohibits a person, except a law enforcement officer who has a search warrant or is acting for a permissible emergency purpose, from using a drone that is equipped with video or audio recording equipment to photograph,
record, or otherwise observe another individual in a place where the individual has a reasonable expectation of privacy.

The actual bill states it this way:

942.10 Use of a drone. Whoever uses a drone, as defined in s. 175.55 (1) (a), to photograph, record, or otherwise observe another individual in a place where the individual has a reasonable expectation of privacy is guilty of Class A misdemeanor. This section does not apply to a law enforcement officer authorized to use a drone
pursuant to s. 175.55 (2).

So I guess my question as a civilian is, what is the definition of ‘person’ or ‘whoever’? Would that include Google? Facebook? The Department of Public Works? Organizations that are not law enforcement but also clearly not an individual? I don’t think it would hurt to have a bit more clarity on this item. I would like to think that not only individuals but corporations, political parties, government agencies, and other organizations would also be prohibited from spying on Americans.

And lastly, again from the LRB synopis, you can’t weaponize your drones:

Under the bill, a person who sells, possesses, or uses a weaponized drone is guilty of a Class H felony, and may be fined up to $10,000, imprisoned for up to six years, or both.

Now, I am certainly in agreement that prohibiting weaponized drones is a good idea…great idea…but will the NRA go on the offensive because this is an infringement of ‘our’ second amendment rights or do they really only care about guns?

Mosquite Drone

Grandma with a shovel shuts down internet connection for entire country

Wow….just wow.

Internet service in all of Armenia was cut off for several hours when a 75-year old Georgian woman inadvertently cut the main service line between the two countries.

The woman was scavenging for scrap metal when she discovered the primary fiber-optic cable which runs through the two countries. Service went down when she apparently hacked into it with a shovel severing the line, officials said.

“She found the cable while collecting scrap metal and cut it with a view to stealing it,” Georgian interior ministry spokesman Zura Gvenetadze told AFP.

The damage was apparently so severe that 90% of Armenian users lost access for nearly 12 hours while neighboring Georgia and some areas of Azerbajian were also affected.


Social media is currently on fire with word that WTDY has, without warning, laid off most of its news staff, including Dylan Brogan and Amy Barrilleaux. John ‘Sly’ Sylvester was also let go. According to JSOnline, WTDY will no longer be news-talk, but will instead change formats. This is bad news for Wisconsin progressives, and many fans are shocked and appalled.

To let WTDY’s General Manager, Rick, know how you feel about this, you can call the station at 608-273-1000 to leave a message, or email Rick at

Yet another example of “classy conservatives”

From the files of, “Those classy conservatives” comes this:

For the record, I think Candy Crowley did a passable job as moderator of last night’s presidential debate, considering Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney seemed hell-bent on ignoring as many of the debate rules (time limits, candidates not asking each other direct questions) as he could.

Will you have internet tomorrow?

A word of warning…

Hundreds of thousands of Internet users worldwide could be without Internet access on Monday due to a clever Estonian-engineered “malware” virus, according to the FBI. 

Will your computer be among the afflicted?

The indisputably clever DNS-Changer software was created by a ring of Estonian criminals. The group engineered the malware to redirect users computers from the DNS (domain-name-server) servers they chose to search for, to “rogue” servers manufactured by the miscreants, according to the FBI.

According to the FBI, the DNS-Changer virus now affects around 275,000 computers worldwide.

You can use this FBI website to check and see if your computer is among those affected. I just checked, and I recommend you do too.