The Disrespecting of Mary Lazich

Mary Lazich, the sweet lady, the model of congeniality who holds profound respect for everything from woodland critters, to the mighty titans of society, was victimized by the Evil Lena Taylor, who refused to stop bullying a committee attorney. Senator Taylor’s grave crime involved trying to get an answer to a question even after Queen [...]

How To Get Even For What You’ve IMAGINED The DPW and Mike Tate Did

So you think that Mike Tate and the Democratic Party of Wisconsin are pulling a fast one on you with Mary Burke’s gubernatorial campaign? They aren’t coming up with enough support of your local races? Here’s how you fix it and let me warn you it won’t be easy:

Go to the party meetings. Attend [...]

An Asbestos Coincidence In Wisconsin Or Not?

Earlier this month Senator Chris Larson included a discussion on the asbestos legislation currently before the legislature in Madison in one of his newsletters.

This week, the Senate Committee on Judiciary and Labor took up legislation–Senate Bill 13 and its companion, Assembly Bill 19–intended to limit the rights of victims to pursue legal action against [...]

Primary Them!

The great Washington meme this year has been the Tea Party has control in Congress because the more moderate Republicans are all afraid that the Tea Party will primary them in 2014 if they don’t all get in line with the radical right.

Well, maybe the moderates should return that advice and make sure THEY [...]

Where Are the Birthers When You Need Them!

Interestingly enough we find junior Texas Senator Ted Cruz in exactly the predicament that the birthers tried to place President Barack Obama. Senator Cruz was born in Canada to a Cuban father and an American mother. He even has shown the birth certificate to prove it.

Even ignoring his current dual Canadian and American [...]

ObamaCare opponent Rick Perry seeks $100 million in ObamaCare funds

Well isn’t this ironic? Gov. Rick Perry wants to kill Obamacare dead, but Texas health officials are in talks with the Obama administration about accepting an estimated $100 million available through the health law to care for the elderly and disabled, POLITICO has learned.

Perry health aides are negotiating with the Obama administration on the [...]

Local Control and the Republican Wisconsin Legislature

Local Control used to be a sacred tenet…particularly in the Republican arena…and in a way it still is but the Republicans in the Wisconsin Legislature have a funny way of expressing it.

Because a certain county executive got in a snit about being stymied in his efforts to make county government over in his own [...]

Best laugh of the week

GOP State Sen. Tom Tiffany must have gotten up one morning and promptly had himself a half pound of dumbass for breakfast.

How else to explain his recent remarks regarding the Lac Courte Oreilles Harvest & Education Camp located next to Gogebic Taconite’s proposed iron mine site in the Penokee Hills? From the report:


Whither MKE County: Sheldon Lubar Will Show You Whither You Mindless Plotters

Mr Sheldon Lubar, Milwaukee business icon and one of the Machiavellian triumvirate behind the gutting of Milwaukee County elective government apparently is in a snit about the County Board’s firing of County Corporation Counsel Kimberly Walker. Whether you support the boards action or not, they are within their legal right to remove Ms. Walker from [...]

A terrific moment of irony

So sayeth conservative blogger James Wigderson in his Waukesha Freeman column of last week hilariously titled, ” Free federal money not affordable, Walker health plan right choice. Wigderson argues that Walker’s refusal to accept federal dollars to expand Badgercare is good policy because federal dollars aren’t really free. He then endorses Walker’s plan to shift [...]

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