Oshkosh Corp. announces 760 layoffs in Wisconsin

Apparently Oshkosh Corp. didn’t get Gov. Walker’s memo that Wisconsin is “Open for Business.” Oshkosh Corp. said Thursday it’s laying off about 700 hourly employees, starting in June, plus 60 salaried employees, as the company’s military vehicle business slows.

After the layoffs, Oshkosh Defense, which has been hit hard by the decline in military spending, [...]

Caterpillar announces new layoffs at South Milwaukee plant

Apparently the powers that be at Caterpillar didn’t get the memo from Gov. Scott Walker that Wisconsin is “Open for Business.” Caterpillar Inc. has laid off about 60 more employees at its South Milwaukee plant as the company struggles through a slow period in mining equipment sales and adds to the hundreds of layoffs from [...]

VIDEO: protesters hit the streets of Brooklyn to demand $15 minimum wage

This is worth a watch.

Saturday Humor or Maybe Irony: On the Teaching Profession

Last Panel: little kid is a Republican…the janitor a Democrat.

From Go Comics!

County Supervisor Wants Us Working On The Chain Gang

We all realize that this winter has been one of the hardest on our streets and highways. All of us have certainly hit potholes that rattled our filings when they couldn’t be avoided. But I am not sure that using inmates from the County House of Corrections to fill the potholes is the correct answer. [...]

But I thought Wisconsin was “Open for Business”

Just remember folks….according to Republican Gov. Scott Walker Wisconsin is open for business! Officials with S.C. Johnson & Son Inc. told employees on Feb. 7 that it could cut as many as 400 employees, The Journal Times in Racine reports.

In October, S.C. Johnson & Son Inc. announced that it planned to cut between 100 [...]

Milwaukee’s living wage: a tale of two Chrises

This is just bad, bad, bad. The “living wage” ordinance backed by the Milwaukee County Board last week — and others like it — would be barred under legislation up for a hearing Wednesday at the Capitol.

The proposed state measure prohibits local governments from enacting or enforcing a minimum wage law. It also would [...]

Auto parts maker moving American headquarters out of Wisconsin

Apparently auto parts maker Grammer AG didn’t get Gov. Scott Walker’s memo that Wisconsin is “open for business,” as that company announced it is moving its American headquarters from Wisconsin to Mississippi. Grammer AG announced the move Wednesday in a ceremony with Gov. Phil Bryant near Tupelo. The company makes automotive interiors and commercial vehicle [...]

Sales Tax Holiday? Funny You Should Have Asked!

Two Wisconsin legislators are proposing two small sales tax holidays each year. By now you have probably heard that State Representative Chad Weininger (R-Green Bay) and Seator Rick Gudex (R-Fond du Lac) are pushing a proposal for a back to school tax holiday in August with a second one early in November for energy efficient [...]

UW Flexible Option and Wisconsin Economic Development Corp!

The University of Wisconsin System is about to roll out its Flexible Option degree program that will allow working adults and other non-traditional college students a chance to earn a college degree online. Although an online program, the fees for the Flexible Option program could still run more than $20,000 according to an article in [...]

Blogging Blue’s “14 in ’14″

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