Let Them Build The Casino Already

I don’t really care one way or the other if another casino is built in southeastern Wisconsin. The only time I patronize the Potawatomi casino in Milwaukee is for the occasional concert.

But to deny the Menomonee’s the right to build and operate a casino at the abandoned dog track in Kenosha because it will [...]

The Rise of a Capitalistic Monarchy

The United States is known as the “World’s Oldest Democracy.” But is it really?

As citizens of this country, we vote for various individuals to represent us in our government. However, we have to ask ourselves who is really in charge. In 2010, the Supreme Court decided that anyone can spend as much money as [...]

An Asbestos Coincidence In Wisconsin Or Not?

Earlier this month Senator Chris Larson included a discussion on the asbestos legislation currently before the legislature in Madison in one of his newsletters.

This week, the Senate Committee on Judiciary and Labor took up legislation–Senate Bill 13 and its companion, Assembly Bill 19–intended to limit the rights of victims to pursue legal action against [...]

Senator Larson on Governor Walker and the Affordable Care Act in WI and MN!

From Senator Chris Larson’s newsletter that I found in my in box and reprinted here with the Senator’s kind permission:

As neighboring states in the Midwest, Wisconsin and Minnesota have more in common than they do differences. Yet the two states took very different approaches to implementing the Affordable Care Act (ACA), or Obamacare, [...]

Worker Owned Works

A Decade after the Take: Inside Argentina’s Worker Owned Factories






“The economy is pretty unstrustworthy in Argentina right now – the economy’s 30% inflation will eat away at your paycheck till there is nothing left and it’s not wise [to] invest in with Argentina pesos. It is very difficult [...]

Hey Governor Walker, Wisconsin Isn’t A Best State For Business!

I am highly dubious of the various Forbes Best of lists…they seem contrived and simply audience building exercises…not real news topics. But in their latest Best States For Business…while our neighbors Minnesota, Iowa and Indiana are all in the top 25 states listed…Wisconsin is nowhere to be found. Just sayin’!

Solving Unemployment While Destroying Social Security!

Now we have probably all read articles about saving Social Security by raising the minimum retirement age again and raising the age where one earns their maximum benefit. Of course it could simply be saved by eliminating the salary cap…but I think I discussed that elsewhere on Blogging Blue.

But what if we lowered the [...]

Walker administration press secretary attempts to persuade news station to remove unfavorable Walker story

On Monday WJFW Newswatch 12 out of Rhinelander asked Gov. Scott Walker if he was backtracking on his 2010 campaign promise to create 250,000 jobs, and on Wednesday the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported Gov. Walker told reporters, “That promise, that pledge made in the campaign was…the reason we focused on it is because we saw [...]

Why Creating 250,000 Jobs Is An Impossible Task

I imagine most all of us realized that Governor Scott Walker’s promise to create 250,000 jobs in Wisconsin by the end of his four year term was a matter of campaign hyperbole. But thank you to all of those who are holding him to it and reminding all of us about his statement.

At first [...]

Scott Walker: “250,000 is My Floor, Not My Ceiling– I Think its at LEAST 250,000 Jobs” (VIDEO)

Remember this video as Gov. Scott Walker continues to try to walk back the promise he made during the 2010 gubernatorial campaign that he’d create 250,000 jobs in Wisconsin if elected.

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