Cudahy Alderman Randy Hollenbeck caught lying about fake Facebook identity during 2013 election

On March 12, 2013, then-candidate Randy Hollenbeck posted a blog entry questioning why I had not answered questions posed to me by “Jon Schmidt.” In his blog entry, Hollenbeck wrote, “I have been asked by Jon Schmidt a few times why Zachary Wisniewski will not answer questions of this nature,” and while that sentence seemed [...]

UPDATED: Did Scott Walker know about secret computer network in his County Exec office? You bet he did!

It’s getting harder and harder to believe Scott Walker had absolutely no knowledge that multiple members of his County Executive staff were engaged in illegal political activities on taxpayer time while sitting less than 25 feet from Walker.

After all, here’s what Cindy Archer, formerly a top aide to Scott Walker, wrote of the private [...]

CMD: Wisconsin Club for Growth Makes False Claims to Federal Court

I smell a lawsuit… The Center for Media and Democracy (CMD) today denounced false claims filed in federal court by Eric O’Keefe and Wisconsin Club for Growth (WCFG) who are seeking to derail a bipartisan, multi-county criminal investigation into their electoral activities.

“Eric O’Keefe and WCFG have misled a federal court with false claims about [...]

Why did Gov. Scott Walker lie about voting for Reagan? (UPDATED)

Correction: The right-wing blogger who originally quoted Scott Walker as saying he voted for Ronald Reagan has since corrected his original report, blaming the misquote on a transcription error.

As noted by James Rowen at The Political Environment, Gov. Scott Walker has once again demonstrated his tenuous relationship with the truth. In an interview with [...]

Scott Walker’s revisionist biography

During a meeting with reporters last week hosted by National Review, Republican Gov. Scott Walker explained his failure to actually graduate from Marquette University as a decision he made because he wanted to get a job and take care of his children. “The reason I went to college, in large part, was not just to [...]

So what’s going on in Cudahy? Don’t ask Ald. Randy Hollenbeck.

Back when he was running for Alderman, ultra-conservative Randy Hollenbeck assured his potential constituents that if elected he’d use his blog on CudahyNOW to inform residents of what was going on within Cudahy’s city government.

I will still keep “the people” informed of what is going on in the city. I will come home after [...]

Erick Erickson: Ron Johnson is a liar

Uh oh….looks like Erick Erickson of RedState is no fan of Wisconsin Sen. Ron “Sunspots” Johnson. Last week, reports surfaced that the Senate GOP had a meeting in which Senators screamed at and berated Senators Mike Lee and Ted Cruz. Senator Ron Johnson appeared on Bill O’Reilly’s show to deny that anyone yelled or screamed [...]

Scott Walker spins a tall tale in hopes that we’re all stupid

This is fantastic….and by fantastic I mean “incredibly unbelievable” and “not based in reality.” Gov. Scott Walker said Tuesday that his top campaign staffers began advising and directing his Milwaukee County aides on their response to the 2010 O’Donnell Park tragedy because Walker’s political foes were trying to hijack the issue.

“Literally, within moments — [...]

Scott Walker: still a liar!

“Whether you like me or hate me, hopefully everybody respects the fact that I keep my word, and so that’s what we did here.”

So said Republican Gov. Scott Walker, referring to his decision to modify the expansion of the state’s voucher schools program in the state budget to keep it in line with an [...]

Scott Walker: not a big believer in the ninth commandment

“Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbour.”

That’s the ninth commandment, and it’s a pretty simply concept: don’t tell lies.

Apparently that’s one commandment Republican Gov. Scott Walker (the son of a preacher, no less) doesn’t believe in. After all, who can forget Walker promise as a gubernatorial candidate in 2010 that he’d [...]

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