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Stay classy, Meghan Dwyer (VIDEO)

While accepting a Midwest Emmy award on November 1, WITI FOX 6 reporter Meghan Dwyer was booed off the stage when she declared “Public schools suck!” during her acceptance speech.

Here’s Dwyer’s acceptance speech, complete with her rant about public schools.

And in a bizarre turn, in a post-show interview Dwyer claimed claimed she […]

Politifact: Pronounces Opposite Rulings On Basically Same Premise

This is just a little Sunday quickie related to two recent Politifact Wisconsin articles published in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

The first one rated Senator Chris Larson’s statement on the projected $1.8 billion shortfall in the as yet proposed 2015 – 2017 budget as FALSE.

On the day a Wisconsin Legislative Fiscal Bureau report […]

My bizarre morning with The Appleton Post Crescent

It was a weird morning dealing with a simple “Letter to the Editor” I wrote to the Appleton Post Crescent website. I was mildly disturbed by how they prioritized their stories online. As you’ll see, what unfolds is truly bizarre, weird and in my opinion, a little sketchy.

Anyway, it started with a “Letter to […]

An Open Letter To The Editors Of The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Dear Sirs and Madams,

For those of you who don’t know me, I am a staff writer for the local liberal blog site, Blogging Blue. I am a regular reader of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and its companion website JSOnline. However, I generally don’t read other blog sites on a regular basis because I don’t […]

How Does The MKE Journal Sentinel Cover Politics In WI?

With the various announcements about veteran pols not running for their seats in the future and eager newcomers interested in unseating some of the nefarious incumbents…it is interesting how much ink Milwaukee’s major paper gives to campaign announcements.

For instance, as Zach posted on October 15th, that Democrat Amar Kaleka will run against GOP […]

You Can’t Deny That It’s Personal

County Executive Chris Abele has protested that his support of Assembly Bill 85 isn’t personal so frequently that it’s nearly a cliche. The variety of additional follow up comments he has provided have often totally negated the not personal statement on many levels.

But assembly Democrats aren’t helping any by taking the same low road […]

Humor: From The Dudek Abides At Tap Milwaukee

The Today Show didn’t double check their Ron Johnsons before running this story. See The Dudek Abides>

Thanks to JK for the tip.

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Essentially Ignores County Board in Fight for It’s Life

As I wrote about just earlier this evening, yesterday the Milwaukee County Board passed a resolution to ask the state legislature for permission to perform a second downsizing and redistricting within the current ten year period. You’d think that after all of the front and center articles that the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel has been publishing […]

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Elicits a WTF? Moment.

All during the football season, news junkies like myself have to endure almost daily color photos and headline stories above the fold on the front page of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel about the Green Bay Packers…even on bye weekends.

Yesterday Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett gave his ‘State of the City’ address and covered any number […]

When Gun Control Supporters Go Too Far!

Not all of the gun nuts are on the right side of the aisle. The Journal News has gone just a little too far on this one. I have questioned why it seems the Second Amendment seems to be treated with more authority than the First Amendment…but this time the First Amendment is being used […]