Obama Boehner Walker Dimitrijevic

For the past six years the various left and progressive groups have been screaming about the obstructionists in the House of Representatives aided and abetted by Speaker John Boehner. Accused of hewing the company line, being co-opted by the tea party jihad, or out and out racism, the right has done everything in its power [...]

Some thoughts on Milwaukee County’s non-binding referendums

On Tuesday County Executive Chris Abele sent an email to County Board members expressing concern that putting three more non-binding referendums on the November ballot would cost Milwaukee County taxpayers over $100,000.

The Comptroller’s Office estimates that putting three more referendum questions on the ballot will cost from $75,000 to $120,000 and will require the [...]

VIDEO: West Allis man to file lawsuit to stop same-sex marriage

This is the face of homophobia here in Milwaukee County.

Whither MKE County: Downsizing Physical Plant!

County Supervisor Pat Jursik is preparing a resolution to reduce the number of buildings that Milwaukee County holds at their City Campus facility and start the move to dispose of other underutilized properties in the coming years. She would like plans set into to motion as part of the 2015 County Budget:

Milwaukee County Supervisor [...]

Scott Walker makes it clear how little he cares about the mentally ill

This is absolutely disgusting. Gov. Scott Walker missed the deadline Monday to name all members to a new board to oversee mental health care in Milwaukee County.

Walker named seven of his 11 appointments but needs more information before he can name the other four, according to Laurel Patrick, his spokeswoman.

It’s worth noting Gov. [...]

County Executive Chris Abele & Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett to announce new partnership to sell vacant Park East land

Found this long-overdue news in my email inbox. MILWAUKEE – Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele and Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett will announce a new effort and unique partnership next week to market and sell vacant land in the Park East. In a press conference at 9:15 am on Tuesday, June 10th, Abele and Barrett will [...]

County aide caught sending political email on County time

This was incredibly stupid on Martin Weddle’s part.

An aide to a Milwaukee County Board member is coming under fire for using the taxpayer-paid county email system to promote a fundraising event for a Democratic group. 

Martin Weddle, a staffer for Supervisor Khalif Rainey, sent a note to County Board employees on May 28 encouraging [...]

Journal Sentinel Editorial Board: You just can’t take Sheriff David Clarke seriously

On Tuesday, the editorial board of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel published a scathing (and that’s probably an understatement) editorial about Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke. Consider how “in the bag” the Journal Sentinel has been for conservatives in Wisconsin over the years, this editorial is can’t be seen as anything but a complete rebuke of [...]

John Chisholm’s epic smackdown of Sheriff David Clarke: “Get off your high horse, Sheriff, and get your office back in the fight”

On May 30, Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke wrote a letter (preceded, of course, by a press release) to Milwaukee County District Attorney John Chisholm and Milwaukee County Circuit Court Chief Judge Jeffrey Kremers calling for the District Attorney’s office and all branches of Milwaukee County Circuit Court to suspend the use of deferred prosecutions, [...]

Patricia Schroeder hired to lead Milwaukee County Behavioral Health Division

This is great news! Patricia Schroeder, dean of Alverno College’s nursing school who touts a “passion for improving care,” has been named director of Milwaukee County’s embattled Behavioral Health Division.

County Executive Chris Abele announced the appointment Wednesday, saying Schroeder was selected after a nine-month nationwide search. She will begin on an interim basis in [...]

Blogging Blue’s “14 in ’14″

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