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April 2015
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Scott Walker campaign speech gets bumped to smaller room by wedding

Ouch….this is gonna leave a mark.

Scott Walker, getting no favors from NHGOP. His speech tonight moved into far smaller room b/c wedding taking over main venue.

— Reid J. Epstein (@reidepstein) April 18, 2015

Top Clinton campaign advisor: Hillary’s campaign will focus on “helping working families succeed, building small businesses, tackling climate change & clean energy.”

From John Podesta, a top advisor to Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign, comes this Tweet outlining what the focus of Clinton’s presidential campaign will be.

Helping working families succeed, building small businesses, tackling climate change & clean energy. Top of the agenda. #Hillary2016

— John Podesta (@johnpodesta) April 12, 2015

As noted by Judd […]

Hillary Clinton is in for 2016

Earlier today former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton announced her candidacy for president in 2016. In her two minute announcement video (see below) Clinton notably takes the emphasis off herself and the inevitability of her candidacy and instead attempts to portray her run for president as a natural outgrowth of a mass, populist movement.

Here’s […]

Walker Should Be Going to California Instead of Europe

Apparently the governor is trying to strengthen his foreign policy credentials with another trip to Europe.

Where he should be is in drought ridden California. As that state continues to impose water use restrictions and experiments with sea water desalination, Wisconsin is still a safe water haven (well ignoring the DNRs lack of over […]

Wisconsin Gazette: Scott Walker’s presidential campaign cherry picks WI economic data

Not that it should surprise anyone who’s been paying attention to how Gov. Scott Walker has governed Wisconsin, but a new report in the Wisconsin Gazette indicates Gov. Walker’s presidential campaign is cherry picking economic data from Wisconsin that makes Gov. Walker’s efforts to create jobs and move Wisconsin’s economy forward look better than they’ve […]

Chris Christie takes shots at Gov. Scott Walker for flip-flopping to pander to voters

Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve outlined some of the flip-flops Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker has made during his career as a politician. At the time former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush had already started to take shots at Gov. Walker for his “evolving” positions on issues, and this report by Zeke Miller of Time […]

Scott Walker– Serial Flip-Flopper (Part 2)

On Monday I shared just a few of the flip-flops Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker has made during his career as a politician, and at the time I noted that throughout his career in politics – a career that has spanned virtually his entire adult life – Gov. Walker has tried to portray himself as a […]

Insanity: Doing The Same Thing In Iraq And Expecting A Different Outcome

Because of the bull headedness of the President George W Bush administration, the Iraqi Army of the Saddam Hussein era was disbanded after the US invasion of Iraq. Water over the dam except for it’s recurring costs to the Iraqi and American people…

So we reconstituted the Iraqi Army and armed and trained them and […]

Solving The Issues With The Veteran’s Administration Medical Care

Since the major combat missions in Iraq and Afghanistan started winding down, there have been repeated and unsolved issues with providing adequate and timely healthcare for our veterans. Despite repeated assurances and varied lip service out of Washington, things just don’t seem to be getting better. Even with new rules allowing vets who live beyond […]

VIDEO: Seth Meyers absolutely skewers Senator Ted Cruz

On Tuesday Republican Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas appeared on “Late Night with Seth Meyers,” where Meyers took the opportunity to absolutely skewer Cruz. Watch for yourselves.