Joe Biden: “It is cowardly not to step up” against domestic violence

Speaking at a meeting of the Democratic National Committee’s women’s leadership forum on Friday, Vice President Joe Biden said the nation needs to bring young men into the effort against domestic violence by encouraging them to stand against the crime on college campuses. Biden, speaking at a meeting of the Democratic National Committee’s women’s leadership [...]

Could Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s days be numbered as DNC Chair?

It’s no secret I’m not a fan of DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz. Putting aside the fact that her politics are terrible, I think she’s been an awful “leader” of the national Democratic Party.

However, we may not have to endure much more of Debbie Wasserman Schultz as DNC Chair, if this report from Buzzfeed [...]

Congress Passes ISIS Bill and Evacuates Washington!

In probably one of the worst decisions to come out of Washington since the decision to invade Iraq under President George W Bush, the Senate piled on and passed the bill to ‘train moderate Syrian rebels to fight ISIS’ that easily passed the House yesterday.

What an incredible waste of American resources…and many of [...]

What If We Do Nothing: ISIS and the Arab World

This op ed piece originally appeared in Wednesday’s New York Times and was reprinted this morning in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. I am going to copy it in its entirety here because I think it bears repeating. I hope the NYTimes will understand (the link to their original is above):

An existential struggle is taking [...]

House To Vote On Arming And Training Syrian Rebels:

President Obama has talked about his strategy for fighting ISIS in Syria and Iraq and of course approached Congress for authorization but more importantly funding. So the House is taking up the topic and considering their vote and they want to get out of town to complete campaigning in their home districts. But there are [...]

Every Senate Republican votes against equal pay for women

So this happened on Monday.

Given how hard Republicans have worked against the interests of women (equal pay, right to choose), gays (same sex marriage), the poor (tax cuts for the wealthy, voter ID), it’s amazing to me that they’re still able to win elections.

Then again, if they keep this up, it’s just [...]

What’s wrong with Hillary Clinton’s likely 2016 presidential campaign in two words

Leslie Savan of The Nation has a great piece explaining what’s wrong with Hillary Clinton’s likely 2016 presidential campaign in two words.

“I’m baaack!” With those two words, delivered Arnold-style, Hillary Clinton revealed a lot about what’s wrong with her probable candidacy.

“Hello, Iowa!” she beamed from a stage at the Tom Harkin Steak Fry [...]

Conservative darling Ben Carson: Stop “demonizing Ray Rice”

And here’s conservative darling Ben Carson weighing in on the brutal assault of Janay Rice at the hands of her then-fiance Ray Rice with a defense of the perpetrator.

Former John Hopkins neurosurgeon and conservative activist Ben Carson weighed in on the termination of Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice’s contract, warning people not to [...]

The discord between EMILY’s List and the progressive left

This is an interesting read… “We have two very compatible set of goals, but different sets of goals,” said Neil Sroka, a spokesman for Democracy for America, which has found itself on the opposing side of EMILY’s List in recent years. “We are focused on electing progressives to office, and they are focused on electing [...]

Former Republican Gov. Bob McDonnell convicted of corruption

Here’s yet another example of how Republicans are great at winning elections but absolutely suck when it comes to governing. A jury on Thursday found former Gov. Bob McDonnell (R-VA) and his wife guilty on multiple counts of conspiracy and honest services wire fraud. The pair were indicted in January on 14 federal counts over [...]

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