Sealed Air to cut 300 jobs in Wisconsin

Another day….another report of a company fleeing Wisconsin and taking its jobs with it. About 300 jobs in Sturtevant will be gone in the next three years as a New Jersey company consolidates its operations and moves the work to North Carolina.

Wisconsin GAB rules to prohibit the use of cameras by election observers target=_blank>This is great news for for anyone opposed to nanny-state Republicans who want to get all “Big Brother” on citizens who are exercising their Constitutionally-protected rights. The state elections board on Monday rejected a proposal to let election observers photograph and videotape voters at the polls.

Republican lawmakers who lead legislative elections committees had [...]

State Senator Nikiya Harris Dodd endorses Jonathan Brostoff

This is a pretty big deal… “The challenges we face as a city today require fresh, energetic leaders in Madison who will work hard, everyday, to address the needs of our community,” Harris Dodd said. “I have known Jonathan for many years and know he is the right candidate for our neighborhoods — he has [...]

Energy Independence? Bull*lone*y!

One of my post election predictions is that President Obama will approve the Keystone XL pipeline on or after November 5, 2104.

It just seems to fit with the current oil trends in the US:

U.S. Crude Oil Exports Hit a 15-Year Monthly High:

The United States exported 268,000 barrels of crude oil a [...]

VIDEO: Republican mistakes kids attending YMCA camp for illegal refugees

Meanwhile in Arizona…

After being warned by local sheriff Paul Babeau that buses of immigrant kids were being transported into town, a large protest was organized to block the them. To be fair, another group also showed up to welcome the kids.

Republican state legislator and congressional candidate Adam Kwasman rushed in to take advantage [...]

What do you want to know? Ask questions of AD19 candidates

The Bay View Compass, with the League of Women Voters and the Bay View Neighborhood Association, is hosting a forum for candidates in the race to replace Jon Richards in the 19th assembly district on Monday, August 4th. The full details are here. You should go.

All five candidates, including the four Democrats that Shaina [...]

AFSCME adds more than 90,000 new members in 2014

This is great news! AFSCME Pres. Lee Saunders today announced that, even in the face of attacks from anti-worker politicians, billionaires and judges across the country (including the United States Supreme Court), AFSCME gained more than 90,000 new members during the past six months.

AFSCME nearly doubled the goal set in early January 2014 when [...]

Marina Dimitrijevic is proud to have worked with…Scott Walker?

If you follow local political races like I do..and you’ve spent anytime in the 19th Assembly District in Milwaukee’ll see yard signs all over the place for one of the 4 dems running for this open seat.

This article over on Urban Milwaukee provides some great info on the candidates and their stances on [...]

Getting the boot

Germany has asked Washington’s top CIA official to leave their country amid allegations that employees of Germany’s intelligence service were actually spying for the US. The CIA official asked to leave is reported to be accredited as the chief of station, which begs the question, how many German intelligence agency chief’s of station are openly [...]

Referendums on BadgerCare expansion added to fall ballots by counties

From the Stevens Point Journal :

Portage County might join several other Wisconsin counties demanding that Gov. Scott Walker’s administration accept federal money to expand BadgerCare .

Second District County Board Member Joanne Suomi is leading the charge in Portage County to add a referendum question to the November ballot to ask for citizens’ [...]

Blogging Blue’s “14 in ’14″

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