The Republican-created mess at the Republican-created Bureau of Milwaukee Child Welfare

This is what you get when Republicans are allowed to run the government. When Mary Wolf left the Bureau of Milwaukee Child Welfare this year, she wrote a pained letter to the agency’s leadership in both Milwaukee and Madison:

“The decision to leave the BMCW broke my heart,” she wrote. “It came down to the [...]

Congress Passes ISIS Bill and Evacuates Washington!

In probably one of the worst decisions to come out of Washington since the decision to invade Iraq under President George W Bush, the Senate piled on and passed the bill to ‘train moderate Syrian rebels to fight ISIS’ that easily passed the House yesterday.

What an incredible waste of American resources…and many of [...]

What If We Do Nothing: ISIS and the Arab World

This op ed piece originally appeared in Wednesday’s New York Times and was reprinted this morning in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. I am going to copy it in its entirety here because I think it bears repeating. I hope the NYTimes will understand (the link to their original is above):

An existential struggle is taking [...]

House To Vote On Arming And Training Syrian Rebels:

President Obama has talked about his strategy for fighting ISIS in Syria and Iraq and of course approached Congress for authorization but more importantly funding. So the House is taking up the topic and considering their vote and they want to get out of town to complete campaigning in their home districts. But there are [...]

Why is Van Wanggaard afraid of Randy Bryce?

After agreeing to attend a candidate forum to be held on September 18 at Gateway Technical College, Republican State Senate candidate Van Wanggaard (pictured, right) has now decided not to attend. Presumably Wanggaard is afraid to face both voters and his opponent, ironworker (and all-around great guy) Randy Bryce, because I simply can’t think of [...]

Progressives Behaving Badly – Milwaukee County Edition:

I am on the Grassroots North Shore email list and look forward to the information that they forward and the activities that they arrange. As a result of that affiliation I have also been receiving emails from North Shore for Mary Burke. I received their latest email last Thursday and was interested in their take [...]

Scott Walker wants drug testing for public benefits recipients

This is a dumb idea. Gov. Scott Walker is laying out his vision for a second term, pledging to freeze technical college tuition in the state, cut income taxes and test working-age recipients of public benefits for drugs.

With less than two months to go in a tight re-election race, the Republican governor put forward [...]

What could have been: Michigan, Illinois invest in high speed rail

If only Gov. Scott Walker weren’t so short-sighted… If you’re looking for high-speed rail with a Chicago connection, don’t look toward Wisconsin. Two high-speed train sets that originally were set to connect Chicago with Milwaukee and Madison, and eventually Minneapolis, look like they’re headed to Michigan instead.

The Michigan Senate has cleared the way to [...]

Source for conservative smear piece against DA Chisholm & wife is former cop who made threats against Chisholm

On Wednesday I reported on the conservative smear piece alleging Milwaukee County District Attorney John Chisholm’s use of the John Doe investigation process to investigate (and successfully prosecute) a number of aides and close associates to then-County Executive Scott Walker was motivated by his wife’s feelings about Act 10.

The piece is pure trash, and [...]

Why won’t Molly McGartland debate Chris Sinicki?

In the interest of allowing residents of the 20th State Assembly district to have an opportunity to hear from the two candidates for that office – incumbent Democratic Rep. Chris Sinicki and her challenger Republican Molly McGartland – a resident of Cudahy who had previously organized/moderated candidate forums had attempted to organize a debate between [...]

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