Andrew Sullivan leaves blogging, gives rise to “blogging is dead” columns

For those of you who haven’t already heard, Andrew Sullivan is leaving blogging. Why? Two reasons. The first is one I hope anyone can understand: although it has been the most rewarding experience in my writing career, I’ve now been blogging daily for fifteen years straight (well kinda straight). That’s long enough to do any […]

Close The University of Wisconsin!

With Governor Scott Walker’s announced intention to cut $300 million dollars from the biennial state budget in state support for the University of Wisconsin, clearly the university system will have to find places to trim it’s budget.

Gov. Scott Walker’s plan to cut the University of Wisconsin System by $300 million over two years […]

Common Ground activists call Bucks owner Wesley Edens a “slumlord”

On Thursday leaders of the community organization Common Ground called Milwaukee Bucks’ co-owner Wes Edens a slumlord while demonstrating in front of a foreclosed and distressed house owned by a company under Edens’ control. Edens’ Fortress Investment Group owns a majority stake in Nationstar Mortgage, a mortgage services company. Edens is chairman of the company.


So let’s talk about the “economic impact” a new Bucks arena would really have for the City of Milwaukee

Yesterday it was reported Gov. Scott Walker supports the state of Wisconsin borrowing $220 million to help the billionaire owners of the Milwaukee Bucks build a shiny new arena from which they can draw greater profits to line their pockets, and the issue quickly became a hot topic among folks from both sides of the […]

Young Dems On Governor’s Budget Cuts For The University of Wisconsin:

Click Here for the details on the Governor’s budget proposal for the University of Wisconsin system.

And here is a response from College Democrats of Wisconsin Chair Zach Madden:

CDW Chair Zach Madden Responds To Gov. Walker’s Proposed Changes To The UW System

College Democrats of Wisconsin Chair Zach Madden released the following statement […]

Herb Kohl donates 1,000 acres of Wyoming wilderness to preservation group

Though he’s now retired from the U.S. Senate, former Democratic Senator Herb Kohl is making headlines for something really, really awesome. One thousand acres of Wyoming wilderness owned by retired U.S. Sen. Herb Kohl of Wisconsin is now in the public trust.

The acreage, along the Gros Ventre River, has been considered a top priority […]

Scott Walker rejects job & revenue creating Kenosha Hard Rock casino

In a move that seems to be all about his 2016 presidential aspirations and nothing else, Republican Gov. Scott Walker announced yesterday he will reject the Menominee tribe’s proposed Hard Rock Casino in Kenosha. Walker, who is exploring a presidential campaign, put the kibosh on the casino one day before he heads to Iowa, an […]

Press Release About Alderman Dudzik from Milwaukee Common Council UPDATE

If you haven’t heard about the cultural and societal obscenities spewed out by Milwaukee Alderman Joe Dudzik, you can follow the spoor trail here.

But the rest of the Milwaukee Common Council decided that Alderman Dudzik wasn’t going to have the last word…and it might be pertinent to note that both street car proponents and […]

Why does Scott Walker want to dumb down Wisconsin’s teachers?

Apparently Gov. Scott Walker wants to dumb down the ranks of Wisconsin’s teachers by allowing those interested in becoming a teacher to be able to rely on “life experience” rather than mandating they get a standards-based license. Those interested in becoming a teacher in Wisconsin could soon be able to rely more on their own […]

That low hanging fruit is always the easiest to pick

Yesterday’s BizJournal ran a story about the “potential GOP presidential candidate”, Scott Walker and some of the other WEDC executives (because he’s the CEO, don’t you know) going to London to talk up Wisconsin as a potential investment site for UK firms. They are planning to “highlight Wisconsin’s growth sectors: energy, aviation/aerospace, water technology, agriculture, […]

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