The Scott Walker Investigation WAS Partisan: Republicans Won and the Milwaukee D.A. Got Neutered

In early 2012, nominally-Democratic Milwaukee District Attorney John Chisholm filed bribery charges against Johnny Thomas, a Milwaukee County supervisor, rising star and shoo-in candidate for city comptroller.

The evidence was flimsy but Chisholm took Thomas to trial. Later that year, Thomas quickly was acquitted (but his reputation was damaged and career was derailed).

Previous to [...]

Assembly Republicans to attempt to censure Rep. Sinicki?

On the heels of the manufactured outrage from so many on the right regarding Democratic State Rep. Chris Sinicki’s characterization of Gov. Scott Walker’s State of the State address as “full of shit,” it’s been widely rumored Rep. Sinicki’s seat would become a target for Republican. Last week Rep. Sinicki got her first Republican opponent, [...]

Singing with the Socialists

My wife is a nurse in a small rural hospital up here in northern Wisconsin. By her account most of her co-workers could be reasonably characterized as rednecked conservatives.

So she came home chuckling mightily the other night telling me that the high price of propane during this extended polar freeze had prompted a heated [...]

Jon Richards: The Blogging Blue Interview

Jon Richards

I recently had an opportunity to speak with State Rep. Jon Richards, one of two Democrats vying to become Wisconsin’s next Attorney General.

Our discussion of Richards’ candidacy began with the customary, “Why did you decide to run for Attorney General?” question. Richards answered that he decided to run for Attorney General because he believes, [...]

An Open Letter To The Editors Of The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Dear Sirs and Madams,

For those of you who don’t know me, I am a staff writer for the local liberal blog site, Blogging Blue. I am a regular reader of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and its companion website JSOnline. However, I generally don’t read other blog sites on a regular basis because I don’t [...]

Ismael Ozanne: The Blogging Blue Interview

A little over a week ago, I had a chance to sit down and chat with Dane County District Attorney Ismael Ozanne (pictured, left), one of the two Democrats running to replace J.B. Van Hollen as Wisconsin’s Attorney General.

Ozanne and I started out our conversation with the one question every candidate for office [...]

The False Nation of Afghanistan!

It’s been out of the news for a week or so now…but the US and Afghanistan finally completed negotiations on the continued presence of US troops in Afghanistan past the official end of American participation in hostilities at the end of 2014. I don’t think I need to recap all of the back and forth [...]

More on Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke’s personnel moves

Earlier tonight I posted a guest blog by Graeme Zielinski noting that Fran McLaughlin, the current Public Information Officer for the Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Office, is poised to receive a promotion (possibly to Deputy Inspector) despite having absolutely no sworn law enforcement experience.

What’s notable about Fran McLaughlin is that her position was targeted for [...]

Hushed: Enabled by Cowardly Milwaukee County Board, Tea Party Sheriff David Clarke Promotes Walker John Doe Figure GOPFran

What follows is a guest blog by Graeme Zielinski. Sources tell me that Tea Party nutjob David Clarke, fresh from being coddled by the Milwaukee County board, is giving Fran McLaughlin, a Scott Walker partisan who calls herself “GOPFran,” a promotion, possibly to the position of deputy inspector.

This as Clarke is cutting or demoting [...]

Mary Burke: The Blogging Blue Interview

I’ll admit – I’ve been less than enthusiastic about Democratic gubernatorial candidate Mary Burke. I’ve been critical of the way her campaign has been rolled out, and I’ve been less than thrilled with her reluctance (at least initially) to give straight answers about her policy positions. However, I recently had an opportunity to sit [...]

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