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Seriously? Judge Troupis?

In the Friday afternoon news dump, Mr. Scott Walker announced the appointment of Jim Troupis to the vacant seat on the Dane County Circuit Court previously held by Judge John Albert, who retired. Mr. Troupis will hold the seat until he is deposed by Dane County voters in August 2016.

Yes, of course the governor […]

Responsible? Who, me?

Back in third grade, my classmates and I placed little slips of paper with the titles of books we had read into envelopes stapled to a board in the classroom. We had stars placed on the envelopes for every ten slips of paper. Being of a competitive nature even then, I wanted to see how […]

The Trolls Are Already Running Amok Over Hillary Clinton

I have a Facebook politician page left over from my campaign for Milwaukee School Board back on 2011. It’s been a quiet backwater since then…a place to repost my Blogging Blue efforts and articles of interest around politics, foreign policy, economy, education, etc. The sort of stuff I rant about around here.

Recently I posted […]

School Choice Wisconsin fails Final Four logic test

Of all the social media responses to the Wisconsin Badgers outstanding victory over Kentucky in the NCAA semifinal game yesterday, perhaps the most bizarre was this one from Wisconsin School Choice:

Four of five Badger starters went to religious schools. More school choice equals more Badger victories! School Choice Works.

— School Choice WI (@SchoolChoiceWI) […]

Selecting A Chief Justice In The State Of Wisconsin

The Wisconsin Constitution provides for a state supreme court of seven justices, each elected for a term of ten years. The justice with the longest tenure on the court is the chief justice.

In a move that many suggest is aimed at removing Justice Shirley Abrahamson from her role as Chief Justice, the GOP legislature […]

Oregon Governor Kate Brown signs historic voter registration legislation

Oregon Governor Kate Brown, a Democrat, signed a bill today that automatically registers Oregonians to vote via their Department of Motor Vehicles information. People wishing to opt out have a 21 day period to do so. Coupled with Oregon’s vote by mail system the legislation will likely place Oregon at the top of voter turnout […]

John McCain Goes Stone Cold Tone Deaf

Last week President Obama visited a Veteran’s Administration hospital in Phoenix AZ. A hospital that has been the focus of issues with VA hospitals and healthcare. A hospital that is a long way from being ‘fixed’.

Senator John McCain (R – Arizona) was one of the other elected officials present during the presidents visit. Senator […]

“And we’re just the guys to do it.”

When I heard that the Republican leadership of the WI Legislature was going to call a Special Session to push Right to Work through (despite all the other real problems we have), I was pissed. When it passed the Senate and this morning, the Assembly and was headed to Governor Walker’s desk for his signature, […]

Wisconsin Progressives Need To Make Up Their Mind

After Mary Burke announced her candidacy for governor in 2013, the pundits and progressives across the blogosphere and social media were heard weeping, whining and gnashing their teeth about the hand picked candidate of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin. Everyone wanted anyone but the anointed Ms. Burke.

Some of us suggested that those unhappy […]

Who says life doesn’t imitate art?

In that time of day when the sun isn’t quite up so it isn’t actually day, yet it isn’t exactly night–a pretty magical time I think, I realized that Scott Walker running for President is a lot like that Frank Sinatra movie, “The Manchurian Candidate”, a political thriller directed by John Frankenheimer. Briefly, the film […]