The Party of Lincoln?

I imagine some of you caught Bill Lueders’ article about the retirement of State Senator Dale Schultz (R – Richland Center) that was published yesterday at Urban Milwaukee titled ‘Say Goodbye to the Party of Lincoln’. Part of the article relates the story about the resolution passed at the Wisconsin Republican Party’s 6th Congressional District [...]

“The New World Horror” Fundraiser – A Film About Tea Party Zombies

So, we’re making a horror movie this summer about Tea Party zombies. Yeah, I know. Zombies are everywhere. Well this zombie movie is, hopefully, going to be different. It will have blobs, demons and of course, patriots. So unlike those Rants Without Pants videos you may have seen me on, we have decided to actually [...]

Major Milwaukee Company Ships Lake Water Outside the Great Lakes Watershed!

Water is the one resource that have continued to plunder with little concern for it’s availability in the future. We let the petroleum industry waste it in fracking. We let power companies pollute it in any number of ways. We let factory farms dry up aquifers with high capacity wells for irrigation. We waste it [...]

Mary Burke Campaign Ad:

From my inbox, the first TV ad for Mary Burke’s gubernatorial campaign:

Ed –

Scott Walker’s D.C.-based Republican Governors Association is spending more than $1 million attacking Mary with false, negative attacks in order to prop up their favorite out-of-touch governor.

We want you to have the real facts about Mary.

Here’s [...]

My bizarre morning with The Appleton Post Crescent

It was a weird morning dealing with a simple “Letter to the Editor” I wrote to the Appleton Post Crescent website. I was mildly disturbed by how they prioritized their stories online. As you’ll see, what unfolds is truly bizarre, weird and in my opinion, a little sketchy.

Anyway, it started with a “Letter to [...]

Marijuana Legalization Gains Traction

Marijuana legalization took a step forward in New Hampshire this week. The State Assembly voted 170-162 in favor of legalizing up to one ounce of pot for adults over 21 years of age. This is a huge step forward to see that state representatives are now becoming more receptive to the will of the people [...]

” I Wear the Badge of Socialist With Honor “

So said Kshama Sawant of the Socialist Alternative Party at her swearing in ceremony as a Seattle City Council member on Monday. Here’s her speech in its entirety.


My brothers and sisters,

Thank you for your presence here today.

This city has made glittering fortunes for the super wealthy and for the major corporations [...]

Wisconsin’s Incarceration Problem

President Obama pardoned 13 people last week and commuted the sentences of eight others. Each of these commuted sentences was related to violations concerning crack cocaine. President Obama was able to do so by invoking the Fair Sentencing Act of 2010. Prior to the passage of the FSA, possession of crack cocaine held a far [...]

The States Must Unite

The November jobs report shows that the country exceeded expectations by creating 203,000 jobs. The stock market continues to set record highs and private industry is sitting on $1.6 trillion dollars.

The economy is clearly coming back from our low in 2009, but we could be doing far better. The people of the United States [...]

Strengthen our Safety Net to Strengthen our Economy

Congress has missed their first deadline in the budget negotiations that were constructed after the government shutdown. Paul Ryan and Pat Murray are co-chairing the committee, and Ryan is peddling his usual cuts to entitlement programs. Republicans persistently talk about cutting entitlement benefits under the guise of cutting the deficit and encouraging people to pull [...]

Blogging Blue’s “14 in ’14″

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