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Americans are progressive on key issues III

Here’s a 2011 Washington Post/ABC poll showing that a whopping, let me repeat that, whopping 78% of those surveyed opposed cutting Medicare as a path to chipping away at the national debt. And an impressive, let me repeat that, whopping 69% opposed cutting Medicaid to chip away at the national debt. That’s massive, I repeat, […]

Marquette Poll sample bias

This is from Jake’s Economic TA Funhouse blog.

Guv’s race still even, as “likely voters” =/= ALL voters

Yes, the numbers that were part of the Marquette Law School poll that came out today in Wisconsin for the governor’s race was shocking, and there is a reason why. Because it doesn’t reflect reality. Marquette’s definition […]

Mary Burke pulls ahead of Gov. Scott Walker in very close Marquette poll

The newest Marquette University poll came out today, and having seen the results, it’s no wonder Gov. Scott Walker has unleashed a barrage of negative attack ads against Democratic frontrunner Mary Burke. Among likely voters, Burke led Walker, 47% to 46%.

While those numbers are still well within the Marquette poll’s margin of error (+ […]

New Marquette poll shows Walker, Burke tied

This is encouraging…

In a development that could draw new interest and outside money into the race for governor, Democrat Mary Burke has drawn closer to Republican incumbent Scott Walker in the latest Marquette University Law School Poll.

Among likely voters — an important measure in a lower-turnout midterm election — Walker leads 48-45, which […]

Poll shows Burke, Vinehout in a dead heat with Gov. Walker


With the election for governor still more than a year away, a new poll shows the race is already close.

Republican Gov. Scott Walker had 47% and Democrat Mary Burke had 45% in a poll of 800 registered voters released Tuesday by Marquette Law School.

That’s within the poll’s margin of error […]

Republicans, including Wisconsin’s own, Sean Duffy, weak in the polls

Well we knew that this would happen eventually. Republicans have lit a fire under the people of the United States with this shutdown. We still have federal parks close and federal employees at home without pay. While most of this will probably be resolved in some time, I am encouraged by the fact that people […]

2016 GOP Election Strategy: Why Appeal When We Can Steal?

In the wake of our President’s re-election, one would think the GOP would engage in deep reflection as to the reason (s) they lost this previous campaign, making every attempt to implement policy changes reflective of the current electoral map. But, oh no! Far from it! Lest you have forgotten: The first thing the GOP […]


Isn’t it ironic that Speaker Boehner, the very man who has been screaming for the previous two years to “restore fiscal sanity” in Washington, will end up being the individual responsible for the largest tax increase in American history? Let me be clear: Should the GOP and President fail to reach an agreement over the […]


Dear Mr. President:

It is apparent that the Republican party continues to marginalize what can best be described as your historical victory this past November. One repeated message, “We The People,” consistently hear from the Republican Party and correspondents from their Running Mate, Fox News, is how this previous election was a status-quo election, in […]


On January 20′TH of 2009, President Barack Obama was sworn into office as the forty-fourth President of the United States. At that time, The Onion, an online satirical news outlet opined with the following headline: “Black Man Given Nation’s Worst Job.” How right they were! Prior to this President being sworn into office, the economy […]