Americans are progressive on key issues III

Here’s a 2011 Washington Post/ABC poll showing that a whopping, let me repeat that, whopping 78% of those surveyed opposed cutting Medicare as a path to chipping away at the national debt. And an impressive, let me repeat that, whopping  69% opposed cutting Medicaid to chip away at the national debt. That’s massive, I repeat, massive support for America’s public health insurance programs for our elderly, disabled and low income citizens.

Americans also opposed small, across the board tax increases combined with modest Medicare and Social Security cuts as a way to reduce the debt.

The preferred option?

Raising taxes on the wealthiest Americans.

Mary Burke pulls ahead of Gov. Scott Walker in very close Marquette poll

The newest Marquette University poll came out today, and having seen the results, it’s no wonder Gov. Scott Walker has unleashed a barrage of negative attack ads against Democratic frontrunner Mary Burke.

Among likely voters, Burke led Walker, 47% to 46%.

While those numbers are still well within the Marquette poll’s margin of error (+ or – 3.5%), it’s notable that in the May Marquette University poll Gov. Walker led Burke among likely voters by 48% to 45%.

Obviously there’s a lot of time between now and November’s election, but the fact that Mary Burke has shown positive progress in the face of blistering attacks by Gov. Walker is certainly an encouraging sign.

New Marquette poll shows Walker, Burke tied

This is encouraging…

In a development that could draw new interest and outside money into the race for governor, Democrat Mary Burke has drawn closer to Republican incumbent Scott Walker in the latest Marquette University Law School Poll.

Among likely voters — an important measure in a lower-turnout midterm election — Walker leads 48-45, which is considered a statistical toss up for the poll released on Wednesday. Among all registered voters, including those currently seen as less likely to vote in November, the two candidates were tied at 46%.

In the last poll, on March 26, Walker held a 48% to 41% lead over Burke among registered voters and in January he led 47% to 41%. The numbers on likely voters are the first this year from Marquette, so for now no comparison is possible with past polls.

While I appreciate that many on the left aren’t completely sold on the merits of Mary Burke as the Democratic gubernatorial nominee this year, I truly believe that she’d be better for Wisconsin than Scott Walker, so it’s encouraging to see that she’s narrowing the gap with Walker.

Poll shows Burke, Vinehout in a dead heat with Gov. Walker


With the election for governor still more than a year away, a new poll shows the race is already close.

Republican Gov. Scott Walker had 47% and Democrat Mary Burke had 45% in a poll of 800 registered voters released Tuesday by Marquette Law School.

That’s within the poll’s margin of error of 3.5 percentage points, making it “essentially a tossup,” said the poll’s director, Charles Franklin.

Among Wisconsin Republican primary voters, Walker led the pack for potential 2016 candidates for president. He came up short in a head-to-head matchup with former U.S. Sen. Hillary Clinton, as did other Republicans.

The results also showed support for the statewide expansion of taxpayer-funded vouchers for private school tuition and, for the first time, a majority favored same-sex marriage.

President Barack Obama scored slightly higher in favorability than he did in a Marquette poll in July. But more people are opposed to the federal health care overhaul, known as Obamacare, than support it.

As for shutting down the federal government to try to block that law? Wisconsinites in the poll didn’t like it.

The telephone poll took place from Oct. 21 to Thursday.

Burke, a former Trek Bicycle Corp. executive and former state commerce secretary, is the only announced Democrat in the race. Nearly as many voters said they would vote for Burkeover Walker, even though 70% said they did not know enough about her to have an opinion.

The results also were close when Walker was matched with state Sen. Kathleen Vinehout (D-Alma), who is also considering a run. She finished third in a four-way Democratic primary to oppose Walker in his recall election last year. In the poll, Walker had 47% to Vinehout’s 44%. Among those polled, 79% said they didn’t know enough about the legislator to rate her.

Obviously it’s really early, so putting too much stock in this one poll would be foolish, but the results are surprising considering 70% of those polled said they did not know enough about Democratic candidate Mary Burke to have an opinion.

That certainly leaves some room for improvement for Mary Burke among those voters who don’t yet know enough about her, but that’s why it’s so vitally important (in my uninformed opinion) that she actually start articulating her policy positions.

Republicans, including Wisconsin’s own, Sean Duffy, weak in the polls

Well we knew that this would happen eventually. Republicans have lit a fire under the people of the United States with this shutdown. We still have federal parks close and federal employees at home without pay. While most of this will probably be resolved in some time, I am encouraged by the fact that people are bailing on the majority party in Congress because of their misuse of the trust they were given when they were voted into office.

(Though I would contend that they won because of redistricting issues in states. Democrats still won the majority of votes throughout the US by 200,000 votes, and in any other time, that would normally carry over into the individual districts…)

But here you go folks! The polling provided to us the Public Policy Polling. (PPP) Simply click on the picture to view it in original format if it is too small for you.

PPP Survey on 17 Republicans falling behind unnamed Democrats in the race due to the fallout from the shutdown.
PPP Survey on 17 Republicans falling behind unnamed Democrats in the race due to the fallout from the shutdown.

New Rasmussen shows Tammy Baldwin leading all Republican candidates

I know I’m a few days slow on the uptake, but there’s a new Rasmussen poll out regarding the U.S. Senate race here in Wisconsin, and it’s got a whole lotta bad news for the Republican U.S. Senate candidates.

According to the poll, Baldwin has a lead over each of the four Republican U.S. Senate candidates (Eric Hovde, Tommy Thompson, Mark Neumann, and Jeff Fitzgerald), with her lead being largest in a head to head matchup against Jeff Fitzgerald and smallest against multimillionaire carpetbagger Eric Hovde.

Here’s the breakdown:

Tammy Baldwin (D) 48%
Tommy Thompson (R) 41%

Tammy Baldwin (D) 48%
Mark Neumann (R) 42%

Tammy Baldwin (D) 47%
Jeff Fitzgerald (R) 37%

Tammy Baldwin (D) 45%
Eric Hovde (R) 42%

It’s worth noting the Rasmussen poll in question has a margin of error of +/- 4.5 percentage points, putting Baldwin’d lead outside the margin of error against three of the four Republican candidates.

It’s no wonder Kelda Roys’ Congressional campaign has gotten so negative…

…they’re down by some 29 points to Mark Pocan.

According to a poll conducted July 24 and 25 by Greenberg Quinlan Rosner Research, Inc. Democratic State Rep. Mark Pocan enjoys a comfortable 29 point lead (50-21) over Kelda Roys in the race to succeed Tammy Baldwin in the 2nd Congressional district, with 21 percent of voters still undecided.

What’s more, among the most informed voters – those who can identify both Pocan and Roys – Pocan holds a 27 point advantage, besting Roys 57 percent to 30 percent. This polling bears out what I wrote three weeks ago – the race in the 2nd Congressional district seems like Pocan’s to lose.

When will Scott Walker be indicted?

Yesterday Lisa noted that David Shuster has reported that Republican Gov. Scott Walker has become a target of a federal investigation being done parallel to the ongoing Milwaukee County “John Doe” investigation into whether Republican Gov. Scott Walker engaged in any criminal activity during his tenure as Milwaukee County Executive.

To date, six individuals who either worked for Walker, were close associates of Walker, or who were appointees of Walker have been charged with 15 different felony charges. What’s more, 13 individuals have also been granted immunity in exchange for their testimony relating to the John Doe investigation, leaving me to wonder when Scott Walker will finally be charged with a crime.

What do you think?

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BREAKING: PPP Poll Shows Dead Heat in Recall

In a poll released late last night, the non-partisan polling firm Public Policy Polling has the recall race tied at 50-47 with a 2.8% margin of error.

The really good news is around independents.

Barrett is actually winning independent voters by a 48-46 margin. The reason he continues to trail overall is that Republicans are more excited about voting in Tuesday’s election than Democrats are.

So get out and vote, Democrats!