Republicans, including Wisconsin’s own, Sean Duffy, weak in the polls

Well we knew that this would happen eventually. Republicans have lit a fire under the people of the United States with this shutdown. We still have federal parks close and federal employees at home without pay. While most of this will probably be resolved in some time, I am encouraged by the fact that people are bailing on the majority party in Congress because of their misuse of the trust they were given when they were voted into office.

(Though I would contend that they won because of redistricting issues in states. Democrats still won the majority of votes throughout the US by 200,000 votes, and in any other time, that would normally carry over into the individual districts…)

But here you go folks! The polling provided to us the Public Policy Polling. (PPP) Simply click on the picture to view it in original format if it is too small for you.

PPP Survey on 17 Republicans falling behind unnamed Democrats in the race due to the fallout from the shutdown.

PPP Survey on 17 Republicans falling behind unnamed Democrats in the race due to the fallout from the shutdown.

New Rasmussen shows Tammy Baldwin leading all Republican candidates

I know I’m a few days slow on the uptake, but there’s a new Rasmussen poll out regarding the U.S. Senate race here in Wisconsin, and it’s got a whole lotta bad news for the Republican U.S. Senate candidates.

According to the poll, Baldwin has a lead over each of the four Republican U.S. Senate candidates (Eric Hovde, Tommy Thompson, Mark Neumann, and Jeff Fitzgerald), with her lead being largest in a head to head matchup against Jeff Fitzgerald and smallest against multimillionaire carpetbagger Eric Hovde.

Here’s the breakdown:

Tammy Baldwin (D) 48%
Tommy Thompson (R) 41%

Tammy Baldwin (D) 48%
Mark Neumann (R) 42%

Tammy Baldwin (D) 47%
Jeff Fitzgerald (R) 37%

Tammy Baldwin (D) 45%
Eric Hovde (R) 42%

It’s worth noting the Rasmussen poll in question has a margin of error of +/- 4.5 percentage points, putting Baldwin’d lead outside the margin of error against three of the four Republican candidates.

It’s no wonder Kelda Roys’ Congressional campaign has gotten so negative…

…they’re down by some 29 points to Mark Pocan.

According to a poll conducted July 24 and 25 by Greenberg Quinlan Rosner Research, Inc. Democratic State Rep. Mark Pocan enjoys a comfortable 29 point lead (50-21) over Kelda Roys in the race to succeed Tammy Baldwin in the 2nd Congressional district, with 21 percent of voters still undecided.

What’s more, among the most informed voters – those who can identify both Pocan and Roys – Pocan holds a 27 point advantage, besting Roys 57 percent to 30 percent. This polling bears out what I wrote three weeks ago – the race in the 2nd Congressional district seems like Pocan’s to lose.

When will Scott Walker be indicted?

Yesterday Lisa noted that David Shuster has reported that Republican Gov. Scott Walker has become a target of a federal investigation being done parallel to the ongoing Milwaukee County “John Doe” investigation into whether Republican Gov. Scott Walker engaged in any criminal activity during his tenure as Milwaukee County Executive.

To date, six individuals who either worked for Walker, were close associates of Walker, or who were appointees of Walker have been charged with 15 different felony charges. What’s more, 13 individuals have also been granted immunity in exchange for their testimony relating to the John Doe investigation, leaving me to wonder when Scott Walker will finally be charged with a crime.

What do you think?

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