The President On The Keystone XL Pipeline

Just what I have been telling you all along:

Now will he veto the bill if it arrives at his desk?

I will have more on this later.

Energy Independence? Bull*lone*y!

One of my post election predictions is that President Obama will approve the Keystone XL pipeline on or after November 5, 2104.

It just seems to fit with the current oil trends in the US:

U.S. Crude Oil Exports Hit a 15-Year Monthly High:

The United States exported 268,000 barrels of crude oil a […]

Changing The Conversation On Climate Change Part II

Published today by the Associated Press, a little article about Democratic Mayors fighting climate change at the local level in spite of Republican governors remaining skeptics. So yes, as I stated earlier, things can be done without convincing everyone that they need to believe that climate change exists:

For coastal cities such as Galveston, Houston […]

Changing The Conversation On Climate Change

There are two types of climate change deniers. The first ones deny that climate change even exists, and the second group accept climate change but deny man’s contribution to the problem.

The first group should be totally ignored. They will not be swayed and won’t accept climate change as reality until they are treading water. […]

A Quick Hit On The Propane Shortage!

There has been a fair amount of press on the shortage of propane in the state as temperatures continue to seek the bottom of the thermometer. Steve Carlson touched on it briefly here on Blogging Blue.

But today, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel discussed Governor Walker’s about face on providing financial assistance in securing sufficient propane […]

The Real Reason Keystone XL Needs To Run To The Gulf

All these past months I have been on a tirade against the Keystone XL pipeline partly because the dang thing would run thousands of miles across the country…risking any number of fragile local eco-systems…with the resulting fuels exported around the world from the gulf refineries…with only a small group of Americans actually benefiting…with the major […]

Moccasins on the Ground: Tribal Leaders Resist Keystone XL

Tribal Leaders Walk Out of State Department’s Keystone XL Consultation Meeting


Another Fine Example On Why Our Alternative Fuel Policy Pretty Much Sucks!

Because of federal support of ethanol production, large swathes of middle America, from Kansas through Texas, have converted to growing corn. And corn production requires far more water than many other cash crops and that dry central farming region has heavily relied on irrigation to raise bumper crops of corn…until the last few years as […]

Is Andre Jacque trying to break wind?

State Rep Andre Jacque (R-Depere) is getting hysterical about wind turbines after a study funded by the Public Service Commision found levels of low frequency/infrasound in homes near the Shirley Wind Farm in Glenmore, WI . From the

“Rep. Andre Jacque, R-De Pere, has called on the Public Service Commission to issue an emergency […]

Rep. Ryan Continues To Lie About the Keystone XL Pipeline

While campaigning in Ohio, GOP Republican Vice-Presidential candidate and Representative Paul Ryan (WI 1 CD) trotted out the lies about the Keystone pipeline helping make the US energy independent:

Mitt Romney’s administration on Day One would approve a pipeline that would run from Canada to U.S. refineries in Texas, creating thousands of jobs and pushing […]

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