The Party of Lincoln?

I imagine some of you caught Bill Lueders’ article about the retirement of State Senator Dale Schultz (R – Richland Center) that was published yesterday at Urban Milwaukee titled ‘Say Goodbye to the Party of Lincoln’. Part of the article relates the story about the resolution passed at the Wisconsin Republican Party’s 6th Congressional District [...]

Wisconsin’s poet laureate: Tony Stella

This is absolutely hilarious. From Iron County resident Anthony Stella via ” Woodsperson ”


(With apologies to Robert Frost) Whose woods these are I think I know. Gogebic holds the leases though; They will not see me stopping here, To map the things their maps won’t show. The lobbyists must [...]

A Little Sarcastic Humor:

In The Bleachers by Steve Moore posted on GoComics!

Time To End The Senator Cruz For President In 2016 Nonsense.

Quite frequently media articles that include an appearance by Senator Ted Cruz (R- Texas), always add something about Senator Cruz being a 2016 Presidential hopeful or some such nonsense.

So let’s end all speculation on Senator Cruz’s candidacy right here and now on Blogging Blue. As any self respecting Birther worth his or her [...]

Why Creating 250,000 Jobs Is An Impossible Task

I imagine most all of us realized that Governor Scott Walker’s promise to create 250,000 jobs in Wisconsin by the end of his four year term was a matter of campaign hyperbole. But thank you to all of those who are holding him to it and reminding all of us about his statement.

At first [...]

A Question About the Arrests of the Solidarity Singers in Madison

Over the past two weeks we’ve seen dozens and dozens of protestors in the Wisconsin Capitol Rotunda in Madison arrested for participating in the Solidarity Singers or sometimes for simply observing them. Although up to a hundred individuals have participated on any given day, usually about two dozen individuals are selected for arrest.

Now [...]

Local Control and the Republican Wisconsin Legislature

Local Control used to be a sacred tenet…particularly in the Republican arena…and in a way it still is but the Republicans in the Wisconsin Legislature have a funny way of expressing it.

Because a certain county executive got in a snit about being stymied in his efforts to make county government over in his own [...]

See? It’s All In How You Label It!

Any number of times I have complained about the Democrats inability to market their positions effectively. The Patriot Act, no matter how heinous, plays better than the far more benevolent Affordable Care Act…

Non Sequitur by Wiley Miller from July 4th, 2013: original can be found here:


Whither MKE County: Sheldon Lubar Will Show You Whither You Mindless Plotters

Mr Sheldon Lubar, Milwaukee business icon and one of the Machiavellian triumvirate behind the gutting of Milwaukee County elective government apparently is in a snit about the County Board’s firing of County Corporation Counsel Kimberly Walker. Whether you support the boards action or not, they are within their legal right to remove Ms. Walker from [...]

How To Win Graciously (Sarcasm)

“They decided to retreat and go home,” Assembly Majority Leader Scott Suder (R-Abbotsford) said.

The Republican members in the state assembly can’t even pretend to win graciously anymore…Rep. Suder was quoted after the Democratic minority weighed their chances of amending the budget bill and decided to abandon any efforts to amend.

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